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Hear Harley Quinn’s New Voice in GameStop’s Batman: Arkham City Ad

GameStop will be having a Joker Carnival Challenge map pre-order bonus. With the bonus GameStop has released a new teaser for it. You can hear Harley Quinn’s new voice actress,

Listen to Coheed and Cambria’s Track from ‘Batman: Arkham City – The Album’

I love video game soundtracks. To be more accurate, I love video game scores. What I’m not a fan of are video game albums with songs from bands that completely

Batman: Arkham City – Going Gold, Skin Availability, Robin Fully Fleshed Out, and Harley Quinn’s a Dude?

A lot of Batman: Arkham City news has surfaced, and the most exciting news is that the game is now finished. Dax Ginn, marketing manager for Rocksteady, says in the

‘Batman: Arkham City’ to Have New Game Plus Mode

In Batman: Arkham City, you’ll be able to unlock New Game Plus mode when finishing Normal of Hard Mode. When starting New Game Plus, you’ll retain all your XP and

Chill Out with Mr. Freeze Gameplay Trailer for ‘Batman: Arkham City ‘

Here’s a Batman: Arkham City gameplay trailer featuring our favorite human popsicle, Mr. Freeze. All he wants is for his beloved to be brought back to life, and it looks

Batman: Arkham City’s Penguin Voiced by… Deadpool?

That’s right! the voice actor for Deadpool in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Spider-Man Shattered Dimension, Nolan North, will be voicing the Penguin in Batman: Arkham City. While the game

Cool Black and White Image of Two-Face in ‘Batman: Arkham City’

Now this is a creepy looking Two-Face. The gameplay footage we saw of Batman taking down Two-Face felt too fast. I wished that Two-Face can put up more of a

I Want this Batman: Arkham City Bag at Comic-Con 2011

San Diego Comic-Con International is happening on July 21 to 24, 2011. If you check out the Warner Bros. booth, you’ll get some cool bags, but there is only one

The Riddler Gets His Own Batman: Arkham City Trailer

Now here’s a sweet-looking Batman: Arkham City trailer featuring our favorite question mark man, the Riddler. The style of the trailer is reminiscent of the Saw series. If the actual

Some New Pics of Catwoman, Penguin, and Riddler for ‘Batman: Arkham City’

Batman: Arkham City has some new images in the OXM preview and a nice new sexy image of Catwoman. The images from OXM aren’t the highest size, but it’s still

Batman: Arkham City 12-Minute Gameplay Footage Featuring Catwoman and Batman Flying

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have graced us with 12 minutes of gameplay footage featuring Catwoman. It starts off with a bunch of thugs in Arkham City as

Here’s the Official Batman: Arkham City Cover Art

According to BatmanArkhamCity.com, here’s the official cover art for Batman: Arkham City. Also check out some high res images of Penguin and Catwoman. This looks a lot better than the

Batman: Arkham City Cover Art Reveals Games for Windows Live

Here’s the cover art for Batman: Arkham City that was released by Warner. It also shows that the game will use Games for Windows Live. The first game, Arkham Asylum,

Play as Robin in Batman: Arkham City?

So it looks like we’ll be having Robin in Batman: Arkham City now. Best Buy is having a pre-order deal where you’ll get an exclusive DLC playable Robin for Batman:

New Batman: Arkham City Trailer Shows Playable Catwoman

Check out the newest trailer for Batman: Arkham City, which features footage of Catwoman as a playable character. Catwoman will be a different beast altogether, as she doesn’t follow the

Batman: Arkham City Penguin Revealed

Now here’s you first look at the Penguin in Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham City, the successor to the best comic book game ever, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Thanks to PSM3 UK,

Batman: Arkham City’s Open-World Design Details – Bosses a Focus

If you haven’t played Batman: Arkham Asylum, you missed out on what is possibly the best superhero game ever. Don’t worry though, you have another chance to redeem yourself by

Batman: Arkham City Prequel Comic Preview

A prequel comic for a game based on a comic book? Sweet! Batman: Arkham City will be getting a six issue mini-series and will bridge the gap between Arkham Asylum

Mortal Kombat and Batman Arkham: City to Require Online Pass?

According to Joystiq, Warner Bros. might be following suit with EA and THQ in how they handle online gameplay and features. EA and THQ requires players to have an online

Lo-Res Batman: Arkham City Avatars Reveal Mr. Freeze and Penguin

Update (March 30, 2011): Images have been removed at the request from Warner Bros. Interactive. Here’s a look at Mr. Freeze and Penguin for Batman: Arkham City. The pics are