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Batman: Return to Arkham Remaster gets release date

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that the remaster of Batman: Arkham Series will be released on October 21st as Batman: Return to Arkham, after much delay. The bundle includes

Batman returns to Arkham this summer

It’s not too big of a surprise that we would see our favorite Dark Knight making an appearance again on the newer consoles. Re-releases of fan favorites are a great

Batman: Arkham City free for PS Plus members!

Batman: Arkham City was able to raise the bar on not only Batman video games, but also comic book video games in general. Becoming the Batman feels even grander with

Become Nightwing with these full-sized weapons…errr…replicas

Behind many great superheroes is a sidekick. Iron Man has War Machine, Captain America has Bucky, and Batman has Robin. Robin has been a big part of the Batman legacy,

Warner Bros. CFO leaks that Arkham City follow-up will release this year

Ever since the release of Arkham City, Rocksteady has teased fans about the possibility of a third Arkham game. Up til now, there has been no word on if another

Even Christmas Is a Bad Time for Thugs in Batman: Arkham City

Blue Goggles Films has produced a short film dedicated to the prisoners of Batman: Arkham City. It stars two not-so-bright petty thugs working for the Penguin in Arkham City prison

Rocksteady Studios Discusses Future After Batman: Arkham City

After receiving the award for Best Xbox 360 Game at Video Game Awards 2011, Rocksteady Studios’ Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker went backstage to talk about the VGAs, anticipated game,

Batman: Arkham City Skins Are Now Available as a Pack

Here’s some good news for those wanting to get the Batman: Arkham City skins without having to jump through many hoops to get them during the whole exclusive pre-order deals.

Third Times a Charm – Batman Beyond Skin Codes for Arkham City

If you’ve been checking our site recently, then you’d know that we’ve been releasing Batman Beyond Skin Codes for Batman: Arkham City for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Many

Get Your Batman Beyond Skin Codes for Arkham City Here!

Update – November 1, 2011: Visit our Facebook page between 4pm-5pm PST for a chance to snatch more codes. Most of you are probably done with the main story mission

Nightwing Comes to Save the Day in ‘Batman: Arkham City’ DLC Trailer

Many of you think that you’re done with Batman: Arkham City. You haven’t thought about finishing up the challenges, the Riddler trophies, or the other side missions. Now you’ll have

Realistic Looking Batman: Arkham Asylum/City Suit!

Here’s a Batman suit made by a group, represented by batpirisss from TheEffectsLab forums. With the recent release of Batman: Arkham City, it’s perfect timing. I say it’s a pretty

‘Batman: Arkham City’ Sales Over 4.6 Million Units Worldwide

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced today that Batman: Arkham City has shipped over 4.6 million units worldwide since it launched on October 18, 2011, on the

‘Batman: Arkham City’ Gets Launch Trailer and Rave Reviews

We all know Batman: Arkham City is going to be an awesome game, but sometimes we just need that extra push to get us all excited. What better way than

More ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Black and White (and etc) Character Art

Here are some more stylistic black and white (and etc.) character art from Batman: Arkham City featuring Batman, Catwoman, Penguin, and Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn Catwoman Batman Penguin Batman: Arkham

Nightwing and Robin DLC Bundle Coming Soon for Everyone with Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City will have the Nightwing DLC Bundle available on November 1st. In the bundle pack, you’ll be able to control Nightwing, complete with his own set of gadgets

Batman: Arkham City – See Robin in Action in the GameStop Trailer

Whether you’re a fan of the Boy Wonder or not, he’ll be available as a GameStop exclusive DLC for Batman: Arkham City. Wait a tic, isn’t this a Best Buy

Lots of New Footage in Latest ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Video

Here’s a very long Batman: Arkham City preview from Qore with lots of new footage and insight on the villains of the Batman universe. Since Arkham Asylum isn’t in service

Nightwing Spotted in ‘Batman: Arkham City’

Thanks to a Portuguese forum, we get a chance to see some screenshots of Nightwing in Batman: Arkham City. It’s mentioned that this is an early build, so it’s not

Batman: Arkham City Trailer – The Joker Gives Bats the Hammer

Here’s the latest Batman: Arkham City trailer featuring Joker and Harley Quinn. The Joker is looking pretty messed up from his previous encounter with Batman, but he has a plan