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Fan made Batgirl Rises web series finale is here

The fan made Batgirl Rises web series has come to a conclusion with Batgirl Rises – Finale. Here we have Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, being held captive as she is

Batgirl Rises fan film pilot is now online

Batgirl Rises is now online as a live-action 23-minute pilot. It’s a fan film, or should I say fan mini-series, following librarian Barbara Gordon on a journey to find out

Batgirl Rises fan film gets an international trailer

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, a fan film getting an international trailer. The team that brought us Girl of Steel is now working on a tribute to Batgirl. Batgirl Rises will

Batgirl Rises fan film gets an action-packed teaser

Check out the action-packed teaser for the upcoming Batman universe fan film titled Batgirl Rises. The full trailer will be out later this month with the fan film releasing on