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The Flash season 4 trailer has the team trying to bring Barry Allen back

The fourth season of The Flash is premiering next month, and to get fans excited, a new trailer has been released. With Barry Allen stuck in the Speed Force, the

DC Cinematic Universe reveals the age of The Flash

ComicBook.com was able to visit the set of 2017’s Justice League and release some really valuable information regarding the DC Cinematic Universe. One of the biggest things noted by them is that

The Flash season 2 clip of ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’

The CW has relesed a new clip from The Flash, and we can see that one of the more popular storylines from the comics is coming to TV. Flash Day,

New trailer for The Flash focuses on Jay Garrick

Season 2 of The Flash is just a few weeks away, and the CW has released a new promo trailer focusing on Jay Garrick with the normal Arrow and The Flash-type intro, starting with “My

The Flash schedule for The CW fall lineup

Below are the list of shows that CW has planned for their fall lineup, with many of the shows I will probably never watch. The two shows I am excited

CW’s new Flash outfit teaser revealed!

Holy dog feces Batm… err Arrow! The CW’s highly anticipated new show The Flash has released a teaser photo showing Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) with the trademark Flash mask showing a much