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Awkward Conversations #43 – Oh my spock is showing!

Download l Previous Episodes This week host Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington discusses Star Trek with the experts. On this episode we discuss Pine-Nuts, Cumberbitches and everything Trekkie with Laura Sirikulvadhana

Awkward Conversations #42: Disco is Dead, Derby Ain’t!

This week Bad Touch Bat Boy and the gang talk the Golden Days of Roller Derby with the one who was there to see it all, Andrew Epstein! We talk

Awkward Conversations #41 – Iron Mania!

Join host The Phantom Kitten and the rest of the Awkward gang as we welcome Iron Man expert Mark Pacis and Laura S from Nerd Reactor and talk about Iron

Awkward Conversations #40: Legen…wait for it…dary Antici……………..pation

Have you drank the Kool-aid lately? Host, Nathan “The Singularity,” and the gang sit down with Cult film expert and film critic, David Del Valle. They chat about what makes

Awkward Conversations #39: Your Prince Is in Another Castle

This episode, host Bad Touch Bat Boy and the Awkward Gang chat with Prism Comics and Minus Zero Productions’ P.K. Eiselt about independent publishing, husbands in distress and Bent-Con! Set

Awkward Conversations #38: It’s so scary! It’s true!

Welcome to Awkward Conversations. We have a new home at Nerd Reactor, so for those of you who don’t know, our show features four geeks, a podcast, and one awkward