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Awkward Conversations #63: Chat with Sean Astin and Vox Populi

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Get ready for extreme awkwardness as Awkward Conversations teams up with Bourbon Lounge to bring you a special episode with special guest star

Awkward Conversations #62: Seeing the World Through the Prism

Join host Phantom Kitten and the rest of the Awkward gang as we sit down with Ted Abenheim from Prism Comics and discuss the role of Prism Comics in today’s

Awkward Conversations #61 – Fall into Redwood

This week host Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington talks with the producers and cast of the Redwood webseries. Talk turns nerdy and dirty as usual. So tune in to hear the

Awkward Conversations #60: Nobody’s Prohibited from Prohibition

The gang reviews an awesome eatery and gets awkward with the restaurant’s founder, Daniel. We often delve into how to achieve nerdy orgasms–well this will give you a taste orgasm.

Awkward Conversations #59 – Khan-sole War

Download l Previous Episodes On this episode of Awkward Conversations, Bad Touch Bat Boy and the crew discuss the console war with Nerd Reactor’s Mark Pacis and talk about a

Awkward Conversations #58 – Phasers on Stun

Download l Previous Episodes Phasers on Stun, a stunningly funny Star Trek-themed improv group, stuns the Awkward gang with their wit and hilarity. Join Host Nathan “The Singularity” and listen

Awkward Conversations #57 – Superman and a Tardis

Download l Previous Episodes Part two of our episode has our guests talking about the state of Doctor Who! How do we feel about the new doctor? Can Anastasia let

Awkward Conversations #56 – Strongman, Chicken and Waffles, and Superman Balls

Download l Previous Episodes On this episode host Anastasia Washington, aka Darth Boob, talks Superman’s death and ball size with guests Jon Bogdanove, Kal-El Bogdanove and Judith K. Bogdanove. Join

Awkward Conversations #55 – Holding Out for a Hero (Unexpected)

Download l Previous Episodes Join host Jeff “Phantom Kitten” and the rest of the Awkward gang as we talk with musician Jody Whitesides and discuss his single “Hero Unexpected”, his

Awkward Conversations #54 – Hugh-mor Me

Download l Previous Episodes This episode, host Bad Touch Bat Boy and the Awkward crew and guests Matt Hughes and Troy Alcendor talk Matt’s upcoming series “Humor Me”, Los Angeles

Awkward Conversations #53 – Summer Blockbust This!

Download l Previous Episodes This week host Anastasia Washington talks Summer Blockbusters with RC Samo of Fanboy Nation. Come swim in the spoiler soup with Awkward Conversations Gang! Facebook l

Awkward Conversations #52 – The Bent-Con Episode

Download l Previous Episodes This week, the Awkward gang talk with Bent-Con’s very own Sean Z. Maker about gayness, Bent-Con and comics! Facebook l Twitter

Awkward Conversations #51 – Douchetastic!

Download l Previous Episodes This week, host Jeff “Phantom Kitten” Langston and the Awkward bunch talk with guest Zach Ragatz, star of the web series “Infinidouche”, about all things douche!

Awkward Conversations #50 – A Disney State of Mind

Download l Previous Episodes Host Anastasia Washington and crew get together to talk Disney with our guest, A. Wrighton, in a magical wonderland of Awkwardness! Tune in to hear us

Awkward Conversations #49 – What a Man, What a Mighty Fine Man of Steel!

Download l Previous Episodes Join the Awkward Gang, Taylor Nida, Dan Koelsch and Jay Spencer as we discuss Superman, Man of Steel, and the future of the DC Cinematic Universe!

Awkward Conversations #48 – Trivial Pursuit Up!

Download l Previous Episodes In this episode, host Nathan The Singularity and the Awkward gang play a deadly game of trivia with owner of King Trivia, Josh Lieberthal, and fellow

Awkward Conversations #47 – Salon Fu, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar

Download l Previous Episodes This week host Bad Touch Bat Boy and the Awkward gang talk with Jazz Monroe, owner of Outlaw Salon and Barbershop and hair stylist to the

Awkward Conversations #46 – Phoenix Comicon Panel

Download l Previous Episodes Missed out on Phoenix Comicon? Have no fear! We got it all on record! Sit back, relax, and listen to our panel where we get up

Awkward Conversations #45 – Interview with Erik Dahlman and Shane Tyree

Download l Previous Episodes On a special edition of Awkward Conversations, hosts Bad Touch Bat Boy and Darth Boobs interview artist Shane Tyree and Erik Dahlman on their latest project,

Awkward Conversations #44 – The May Days of Technology

Download l Previous Episodes Get your Google Glasses out and take a listen as the gang is joined by Michael Mayday, iTechPost technology reporter extraordinaire. They talk about the latest