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Awkward Conversations: Ep. 18 : Nick at Night? or day rather?

Join Awkward Conversation’s Angry Baby and Darth Boobs as they chat with the special guest, actor/writer/director Nicholas Acciani as they chat about the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Charlie

Awkward Conversations: Ep. 17 : Spidey is always Sunny

Join Awkward Conversation’s Angry Baby and Darth Boobs as they chat with the ultimate Spider-Man fan – geek, actor, model, and fitness guru, Sunny Kavana. In this episode, the gang

Awkward Conversations: Ep. 16: Gettin Awkward with America… Young

Join Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington and Nathan Angry Baby as the Awkward crew chat with powerhouse America Young about filmmaking and women in the industry. Oh, and we’ll get awkward, too. http://content.blubrry.com/awkwardconversations/ACAmerica.mp3 Awkward

Awkward Conversations: Ep. 15: The one with one more drink

The Hosts of The One More Drink Podcast join us on Awkward Conversations! In this episode, Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington and Nathan Angry Baby join April Wahlin, Blake Schultz, Terrance Tatum, and Andres

Awkward Conversations: Ep. 14 ‘June Gemini’ : An Awesome New Sci-Fi Climate!

Weather conditions are turning violent; catastrophes abound. But that’s when June Gemini discovers that he has powers– special powers. All this and more is contained in the new book, June

Awkward Conversations: The one where we get Bernadazzled!

This week we join Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington and Nathan Angry Baby as they chat with the sparkling and amazing Bernadette Bentley of Le Geek So Chic, and about Xena cosplay fame.

Awkward Conversations throwback: Oh my Spock is showing!

Blurb: This week host Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington discusses Star Trek with the experts. On this episode, we discuss Pine-Nuts, Cumberbitches and everything Trekkie with Laura Sirikul and birthday girl

Ep. 11 Retro Edition: Cosplay for the Holidays

There’s no place like awkward for the holidays, and this episode we talk all thing holiday with Kit Quinn. http://media.blubrry.com/awkwardconversations/content.blubrry.com/awkwardconversations/Awkward_Conversations_Ep._94_-_coplay_for_the_holidays.mp3

Awkward Conversations: Ep. 10 Retro Edition : Chat with Sean Astin and Vox Populi

We’re going back with Retro Awkward Conversations! Get ready for extreme awkwardness as Awkward Conversations teams up with Bourbon Lounge to bring you a special episode with special guest star Sean

Awkward Conversations: That one where we talk about Halloween

Halloween. Pumpkin Spice and other scary things are discussed in this special Halloween episode. Join Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington and Nathan Angry Baby as they chat about fears, and dreams of throwing

Awkward Conversations: Vote Awkward!

There’s been a lot of election talk, most of it has been very awkward. Could it get more awkward? We tried! Join us with special guest Aabria Lipscomb as we

Awkward Conversations Throwback with the Bogdanoves

On this episode host Anastasia Washington, aka Darth Boob, talks about Superman’s death and “balls” with guests comic book artist and writer Jon Bogdanove, writer Kal-El Bogdanove, and artist Judith

Awkward Conversations Throwback: It’s So True It’s Scary

Here’s a throwback episode of Awkward Conversations that you may have missed! Check it out! Or don’t. Either way, we’ll be right here, waiting for you to hear it. Is

Awkward Conversations: It’s about to get Awkward with Bronies

By Anastasia Washington & Nathan Lichtman There is a phenomena behind fans of the animated series My Little Pony. It’s not the massive little girls and boys who are brushing

Awkward Conversations: Disney gets Krunk

Join Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington and Nathan Angry Baby as they chat with the coolest Disney podcasters around, Mac and Ryan Beauvais, from Disney Distilled. Tune in as we get

Awkward Conversations chat with geek fashionista – Elhoffer Designs

Awkward Conversation’s Nathan and Anastasia sit down with one of the hottest nerd designers around – Elhoffer Designs. They chat Hamilton, Nerd Fashion, and getting Darth Boobs a man. It’s

Awkward Conversations: Phaser Booze with the ladies from Booze and Phasers

  What makes things even more awkward? Locking our guests in a hot box called a podcast studio. The amazing women at Booze and Phasers Podcast from Geek Girl Authority brave the heat, talking cocktails,

Awkward Conversations: From Ham Radio to Rockets: The Nerdy Stuff You Won’t Find at Comic-Con

Angry Baby’s mother (Hm… wouldn’t that be the Angry Adult?) Barbara Lewis and good friend, Georgia, join us on Awkward conversation this week. They talk about being nerdy before being

Awkward Conversations: The One Where We Cancel and Renew

We’re back! And, this time, we are discussing the blood bath of television. Punch Drunk Tv hosts, Jack Conway and Aaron Pruner, join the conversation as we discuss the good, the

Awkward Conversations ‘Comics N Cocktails’ episode 9 with Brea Grant

It’s about to get AWKWARD! Awkward Conversations’ Comics N Cocktails welcomed actress and geek Brea Grant to their show! You probably know Grant from Heroes, Friday Night Lights and her work with Nerdist!