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Australia effectively bans Outlast 2

Ban drama is a recurring theme in news around the world. In this instance, Australia decided to join the action and hit the ban button on the upcoming survival-horror game

Doctor Who: The World Tour: the TARDIS lands in Sydney

The TARDIS landed in Sydney this past Monday and the BBC were kind enough to release the videos from their visit. We have highlights from Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman’s

Watch_Dogs stunt fails as bomb squad gets involved

There are bad PR moves, and then there are bad PR moves. The recent one involves Ubisoft and a bomb squad getting involved. According to multiple sites, Ubisoft sent a package to an

Saints Row IV already banned in Australia

Australia may have a new ratings system that allows for the sale of adult video games in the country now, but they still seem to want to wave around the

Australia finally getting 18+ rating for video games

Gamers in Australia can rejoice at last! Government officials have finally approved the addition of a R18+ rating for video games, allowing titles with strong violence and other adult material