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GJS Robot brings new FPS and AR experience to CES 2019

GJS showcased its new GEIO immersive robotic experience at 2019’s CES in Las Vegas. By bringing a unique type of gaming using smart visual recognition technology and a high-speed motion

Catch them all in the real world with Pokemon Go

The Pokémon Company introduced the next ‘evolution’ of the Pokémon video game franchise, and this one takes place in the real world. Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic for both the  iOS

How Google Glass and other augmented reality eye-wear can be incorporated into gaming

When Google Glass was first announced, my initial thoughts were quite indifferent. I didn’t see it as a huge advancement in the wearable-tech industry due to it’s limited use. With

A look into the TARDIS via Augmented Reality

A fan of Dr. Who by the name of Greg Kumparak decided to make his own table top version of the TARDIS. It is really bigger in the inside than