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AT&T released origin of Cyborg in ‘Justice League’

It seems that we’re down to the final stretch for the upcoming DCEU film, as information continues to trickle down to the masses. From the information that there’s a Hot

Netflix throws jabs at ISP; escalates to a cease and desist letter

A couple days ago a Twitter user named Yuri Victor tweeted this out: Oh snap, netflix. pic.twitter.com/wMfavoHOyj — ♥ (@yurivictor) June 4, 2014 Gizmodo got a response back in their

LG’s G2 – Hoping to break the mold

Before you even start reading any further, take a look at your phone. No it’s fine, just pull it out of your pocket and just examine it for a minute

LG Optimus G Pro (E980 Model) review

Here’s a short list of what this phone won’t do: -Make toast -Automatically bring home hot women for you -Raise the dead Trust me it was a lot easier to

Want a smartphone for 99 cents? How about the Facebook phone?

It has been about a month since the release of the HTC First phone, which houses the supposedly innovative Facebook Home, and already AT&T has slashed its prices. The ‘Facebook

Happy birthday, Cell phone!! It’s time to Cell-ebrate!

Today the cell phone turns 40 years old. Can you believe it? The big 4-0. In April 3rd, 1973, on the sidewalk of New York, Martin Cooper of Motorola called

PS VITA AT&T Plan Announced

With CES starting today, some big news has already hit. Today AT&T announced the data pricing tier for the PlayStation Vita. And it looks to be very affordable. There is

AT&T and T-Mobile: A Love Not Meant to Be?

AT&T has announced to the public on Thanksgiving Day about setting aside $4 billion in funds if the merger does not go through or break up fee with Deutsche Telekom,

T-Mobile & At&T: Ahh Ahh Ahh You Didn’t Say the Magic Word

So three of the largest companies in the world with leading manufactures of technology merge with the help of their government; Toshiba, Sony, and Hitachi. The world is still intact