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Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman? Hell Yeah!

The rumor mill seems to be in full swing as whispers have gone out saying Josh Holloway (Lost) has been approached to possibly play Aquaman in the Batman vs. Superman

Aquaman tries to prove that he’s not useless

Aquaman memes are funny as hell. We get ones where the appearance of a six pack ring can end the life of the king of the seas. We also get

Move over Arrow, Aquaman: The Teen Drama premieres online

CW has been successful with its superhero shows like Smallville and Arrow that are geared towards the younger crowd. Now Aquaman wants a piece of the action. Bleeding Cool has premiered

Aquaman to get a CW-inspired teen drama

Ivan Reis and Joe Prado/DC Comics Let’s face it, people love to make fun of Aquaman. Just check out the many memes below and you can see that this DC

Aquaman gets his time to shine in Injustice: Gods Among Us

Aquaman seems to be the butt of the joke when it comes to DC heroes. Even in the New 52, he is seen as a lesser hero in the eyes