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‘Eve Tab’ could revolutionize Toronto’s club scene, but would it work in LA?

If there’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s that waiting in line sucks. Waiting in line at the amusement park? Sucks. Waiting in line at the doctor’s office?

4Chan leaks hundreds of hacked celebrity nude photos

Today is probably not the best day for Apple and all the heads over at iCloud, because news has just broke that a hacker was able to bypass the service’s

John Romero – ‘PC is decimating console, just through price’

To say that I have little to no skill in programming of any sort is an understatement. I use flash a lot and before they just added a “create a button”

Shitty asteroid telescopes, Upton up in space, Project Tango in motion and more you should know this week

Google sets into motion Project Tango, which is an effort to “give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.” Basically that means your smartphone’s camera can become a

Steelseries Stratus: iOs’ first official Bluetooth controller is now available

While I may not always agree with Apple and iOS-related products, this is one I’ve actually been enjoying (it is gaming related). The Steelseries Stratus is an exclusive Apple Bluetooth

Siri hates ‘Her’ and Google Glass

Seems like Apple’s Siri is getting a little bit jealous of the attention of other artificial intelligence – even if it’s just a character in a movie. Siri – the

Ipad Mini vs Nexus 7 review

By Osa Allakamenin iPad Mini Software Well first off with the new iOS 7 update, it makes all Apple devices much better. They took ideas from Android that all devices

What Google looked like in 1998, and other popular sites

Google turns 15 this month, after having started in a garage by Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin (whose net worth is at $24.9 and $24.5 billion, respectively as

Android takes a jab at Apple

With the recent news of Kit Kat being the new Android update name, they have also released a video that takes a jab at Apple. Here we have Chris Catlin,

Samsung gets banned as it beats Apple in US smartphones market shares

This is definitely going to suck for Samsung, since The International Trade Commission has banned certain Samsung phones from being sold or imported to the United States. This comes at

Apple executive’s surprise attack on the Samsung Galaxy

Apple executive Phil Schiller did interviews Wednesday night with Reuters, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg and began to trash Android and Samsung. This came as a surprise to many, even

iPads now sporting a 128GB flavor

If you visited the Apple Store website today looking to order an iPad, you would have noticed the new 128GB option. Since the first generation of iPads, the biggest capacity

Steve Wozniak attacks accuracy of jOBS film

Today, “The Kutch” released a new picture from the upcoming jOBS movie via his official twitter account. The picture showed an interesting side by side comparison between himself in full makeup and

An iPhone 6 design you want

An iPhone 6 design you want

Apple goes after Amazon for using ‘Appstore’

Okay, so we know that Apple likes to sue companies left and right. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big company or a small Polish company, you will be brought

Apple to start producing in the US, and why you should care

We try not to get into politics much here, but this is news worth looking at, if not celebrating. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced that Apple will start production of

a-JAYS Four earphones review

FINALLY! a-JAYS made earphones for the Apple family! Although my other a-JAYS earphones (a-JAYS One+ for Android) worked with my iPad, iPhone and iPod (except for the buttons), this new

iAds Opt Out option in iOS 6

A few weeks ago Apple said it would stop UDID tracking altogether. However, with the new iOS 6 Apple has introduced something called “identifier for advertisers”, IFA for short. Any

Samsung tablet ban lifted in U.S.

This week a California judge has lifted the ban of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S. The ban was lifted after a jury found that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1

Google says the ball is on Apple’s court to add Maps to iPhone 5

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt spoke at a recent Tokyo event and talked about the controversial move by Apple to ditch Google Maps in favor of their own Map app