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‘Ocean’s 8’ brings together a fantastic cast to steal our hearts (review)

“Why do you need to do this?” “Because it’s what I’m good at.” This seems to be the year of continuing or rebooting franchises. From the very beginning we’ve had everything from

Interstellar- 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is the kind of film that one needs to watch multiple times in order to fully appreciate it. I’ve been told multiple times by multiple people that

‘Ocean’s 8’ teaser showcases the beautiful ladies of thievery

“Cuz that’s what I’m good at…” The Ocean franchise has been a pretty longstanding one. Spanning over 50 years, the first film saw the light of day back in 1960.

Colossal review: Anne Hathaway controls kaiju-like monster

Who says filmmakers have run out of ideas? This feeling has permeated the industry for decades. Yes, there’s some truth to it, especially if you consider movies released from May

First look at the ladies of ‘Ocean’s 8’

Ocean’s 11 exuded a sense of style and cool that no other film could really replicate. The 1960s version featured the Rat Pack while the 2001 remake featured some of

Ocean’s 11 spin-off film, Ocean’s 8, reveals all-female cast

The Ocean’s 11 franchise might have been one of the best remakes of all time, and because of the billion dollar success, a spin-off film titled Oceans 8 will follow

Alice Through The Looking Glass Review

Walt Disney Studios has been on a streak lately with their live-action adaptations. However, many forget that the film that started Disney’s live-action craze was 2010’s Alice in Wonderland. Wonderland

You See that Catwoman Statue? She’s got Curved Heels. Curved. Heels.

Got that Skyrim reference? No? Too bad. Here’s a U.K. Toy Fair image of DC Direct’s Catwoman statue from the upcoming Dark Knight Rises film by Christopher Nolan. This is

Slight Spoiler for The Dark Knight Rises with Anne Hathaway’s Thoughts on Nolan’s Universe

LA Times has revealed a little spoiler for The Dark Knight Rises that involves Bane (Tom Hardy), Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), and Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway). Bane has caused mass

Anne Hathaway with Cat Ears on Dark Knight Rises Los Angeles Set

Thanks to Splash News for the photos of the Dark Knight Rises set in Los Angeles. Here are some very good pics of Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman outfit with

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – Anne Hathaway Makes Funny Faces for an Apple

Here’s a nice collection of The Dark Knight Rises set photos featuring Anne Hathaway as Catwoman as a civilian fighting over an apple with another homeless guy. Okay, maybe he’s

Official Image of Anne Hathaway in Catwoman Suit, Plus Catwoman Set Photos

Today we get a double dose of Catwoman. One is the official image of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman riding on the batpod from The Dark Knight Rises site. Catwoman is

Anne Hathaway Spotted in London During Dark Knight Rises Filming

Nothing too big, but here are some spy photos of Anne Hathaway in London while The Dark Knight Rises is beginning principal photography in different parts of London, like the