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Silent Hill 2 Gets Video Game Remake and Live-Action Movie

In my restless dreams, I see new content for Silent Hill. The survival horror video game franchise has spawned a bunch of games and movies, and one of the popular

Review: Telling Lies will have you digging deeper into personal lives of people

Here I am, inside a room, with a laptop filled with secretly recorded video conversations, “courtesy” of the NSA. These videos follow four people and their intimate lives. Each only shows

E3 2019: Annapurna Interactive uncovers upcoming game, ’12 Minutes’

The Xbox press conference was filled with numerous video games being debuted. Shoveled in between the biggest and most anticipated games was a small independent game called “12 Minutes.” What

Her Story creator’s new game, Telling Lies, has a teaser trailer

Sam Barlow (Her Story) and Annapurna Interactive have released the teaser trailer for Telling Lies, the upcoming live-action narrative game starring Logan Marshall-Green (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse), Kerry Bishé