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Early stills from the upcoming Disney Frozen Fever short

While we all wait in rapt anticipation for Frozen 2, the Frozen Broadway musical, and the new Frozen ride opening at Disney World, Disney has decided to whet our appetite with

Breaking Bad x Frozen parody video

The folks over at Animeme have put up a great parody video of Frozen’s “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” song to have Heisenberg and Jessie as Anna and Elsa.

Frozen cosplay captures emotional scene perfectly

Yes, yes, I know you guys are sick of Frozen, but this cosplay is so cool that it’d be a crime not to share it. Yes, there are spoilers, and if

Why I like Anna more than Elsa (Frozen)

If you have not seen Frozen, please be aware of spoilers. A lot of people are head over heels for the new film, Frozen. It’s won plenty of awards, it’s