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Directors Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly on creating Angry Birds for the big screen

Rovio’s Angry Birds has seen it all. It started as a simple mobile game where you shoot birds out of a slingshot in order to save their eggs from the

The Angry Birds Movie Review

The Angry Birds game never really took much intellect or skill to beat the game. The game is merely a mindless time-waster where you shoot flightless cartoon birds out of

Angry Birds movie adapts the game in a well-created universe

(Image via Sony Pictures) There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard about Angry Birds. What started off as a simple mobile game from developer Rovio Mobile in 2009 has become

Blake Shelton set to voice country pig in The Angry Birds Movie

It looks like country music superstar Blake Shelton can add another job to his ever-expanding resume – voice actor. Blake Shelton has been announced to play a country pig named

Angry Birds to be released in theaters on July 1, 2016

Yeah, a lot of you will probably be shocked to know that there’s an Angry Birds animated film in the works. This is definitely a first for a mobile game

There is another…on November 8th – Angry Birds Star Wars trailer

Angry Birds, the world’s most downloaded game is going back to outer space, but this time in a galaxy far, far away in Angry Birds Star Wars. In the just released

Angry Birds launch into Space today

If you weren’t one of the (possibly) thousands (millions?) who stayed up until the minute Angry Birds Space was available, well, this post is for you: Angry Birds Space is

Angry Birds Space – yes, it’s a new Angry Birds game

Did you really think those Angry Birds were just going to get therapy, report the pigs to the authorities, and then get on with their lives? Find a river-shaped location

Angry Birds the Musical Hates Green Pigs (Yes, They Really Do)

From the guys that brought you the Pac-Man and Dead Space musicals, Random Encounters has produced another video game musical, this time featuring Angry Birds. Why are the birds angry?

Exclusive: Gene Simmons Working on KISS Angry Bird Game?

We just got word that Gene Simmons has just signed a deal to make a KISS Angry Birds game. He hasn’t released information about it yet, but he recently tweeted

Angry Birds Rio 10 Millions Downloads in 10 Days

The Angry Birds have dominated both the Ios and Android market place since its release. Angry Birds Rio is now the fastest-selling and addicting pig-squashing title, brought to us by

Get Angry Birds for Free on PC via Intel AppUp

So, you’ve heard about how angry those birds are, but haven’t experienced it for yourself? As long as you have a PC that’s running Windows 7 or XP, it’s pretty

Are Consoles Becoming a Dying Breed Because of Emerging Mobile Technology?

  Peter Vesterbacka, the CEO for Angry Birds developer Rovio, made a bold statement this past week on an SXSW (South by South West) panel. To put it simple, he

Angry Birds Taking Over Everything – Movies, Comics, Cartoons, Facebook

Angry Birds has been gaining momentum, and with 20 million downloads on iPhone and iPod Touch, they’re ready to take over the world. In an interview with Wired UK, Rovio

Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake – Video

I’ve seen plenty of video game cakes before, but never one that was playable. Have you heard of Angry Birds yet? No? It’s a game in which you slingshot angry

Kinect Angry Birds Hack

A group specializing in Kinect software called KinEmote has been able to hack popular puzzle game Angry Birds.  Players use the motion camera of the Kinect to control the game