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Young Will Smith fights old Will Smith in new Gemini Man trailer

Ang Lee, the director of Life of Pi, Hulk, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, is back. And this time he’s having¬†Will Smith face his toughest opponent yet… himself. So what

Ang Lee turns down Disney’s live-action Mulan

With all the controversy surrounding the newly announced live-action Mulan film, it looks like Disney is trying to have an Asian director helm the project. Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee

Ang Lee reveals why his Hulk was a failure

Many Hulk fans were very disappointed with Ang Lee’s take on the Hulk movie. In a recent interview where he’s promoting his new movie, Life of Pi, a Hulk question

Why I’m excited to see Life of Pi

I remember when I saw the teaser for this film earlier this year, it was different than anything I had seen and piqued my interest. For a while it’s been