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Review: Cheero Power Plus 3

  The folks that brought us the Danbo charger is back with a new charger, Power Plus 3. And just like the Danbo charger, it carries a large charge on

Wings! Remastered Edition now available on Android & iOS!

Do you remember the feeling you got when playing some of the very first classic PC games? Do you ever lie awake at night and wonder if a mobile version

Review: Hearthstone for Android

Upon first witnessing Hearthstone, the general consensus among friends and fellow gamers was how ideal this title would look on mobile devices. Having played the digital card game on multiple

Android Wear gets an update

Photo by Google Days before Apple begins shipping out their new Apple Watch, Android Wear gets a new update that includes Wi-fi support, new gestures, new watch faces, and more.

Final Fantasy’s Mystic Quest: HD Remaster coming next month

Some gamers might remember Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. Others might have tried to forget about the existence of the 1992 game made by Square Soft (now Square Enix) that was developed

High There! The Tinder for stoners makes its way to Android

Kid Kudi’s  “Day ‘N’ Nite” may now be outdated with a new app for the lonely potheads out there. “High There!” makes its way to the Google Play store today

WWE Immortals is now available

Today marks the release of WWE and NetherRealm Studio’s new mobile game, WWE Immortals. The free-to-play fighting game was launched earlier this morning on both Android and iOS devices. WWE

‘Eve Tab’ could revolutionize Toronto’s club scene, but would it work in LA?

If there’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s that waiting in line sucks. Waiting in line at the amusement park? Sucks. Waiting in line at the doctor’s office?

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike includes new illustration by Tetsuya Nomura

Later this year Square Enix will release Final Fantasy VII G-Bike for Android and iOS devices. Based off the popular mini-game from Final Fantasy VII, G-Bike will feature Cloud Strife on a

‘Lassoh’ promises a social media app without privacy concerns

Recently the internet has been abuzz with the news that Facebook was forcing mobile users to download its new ‘messenger’ app to view and respond to Facebook messages. Having to

It’s a tablet storm from Intel

This year at IFA Berlin, manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Toshiba, and Lenovo are showing off a range of new tablets and two in ones, and all are powered by Intel’s Atom

Review: Cheero Danbo charger

Cheero has recently released a new charger. This isn’t a normal charger, and it looks like it is aiming to please the anime and manga fans, especially those that love of Yotsuba&!. The

Unreal demo shows off PC-quality graphics on mobile

Are you guys ready to be blown away? Google is working with Unreal and NVIDIA to help bring PC-quality graphics to the mobile market. Check out the Unreal Engine 4

Mobile game ‘Making It Rain’ ad is hilarious…if you have a dirty mind

We usually don’t post ads for a mobile game about making money, but I thought this ad for Making It Rain was hilarious and wanted to share it with all

Warhammer 40,000: Carnage comes to Android

If you’re looking for a side scrolling action game for your Android phone or tablet, then you’re in luck. Warhammer 40,000: Carnage is here to satisfy that blood lust you’ve got. Roadhouse Interactive

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy VII G-Bike for smart devices

In 1997, Squaresoft released Final Fantasy VII, which featured a special bike mini game that featured the unforgettable track known as the “Crazy Motorcycle Chase.” 17 years later, Square Enix has announced

Be ‘Geek Chic’ with an LD West wallet and cell phone holster

We’ve all had the discomfort of trying to fish for our phones or wallet out of our pockets. Whether it be your favorite pair of jeans or dress pants, the

Star Trek – TNG coming to Infinity Wars [TCG]

If you haven’t been aware of the digital card game Infinity Wars, they’re about to unleash a big expansion to their game! They’re adding Star Trek‘s Federation and Klingon factions

Family Guy invades Hollywood, CA

It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and…Hey wait, is Horace next to a sign for the Drunken Clam in Hollywood, California? Freaking sweet! For one

Facebook releases the Paper application for smartphones

Some of you may have already downloaded the newest application released from Facebook called “Paper”. And after playing with it for a bit, it seems to be a cleaner version