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Anarchy Reigns Review: A special kind of chaos

It can be hard to describe just exactly what kind of game Anarchy Reigns is and what you can do in it. At its base level, it’s a multiplayer brawler

Bayonetta will be a playable character in Sega’s Anarchy Reigns

For those of you who are sad that you’ll be left out in the cold when Bayonetta 2 hits exclusively for the Wii U,  you’re in luck. Well, kind of.

Anarchy Reigns, multiplayer brawler, dated and priced

Anarchy Reigns is a whacky, multiplayer beat-em-up by Platinum Games (Vanquish, Bayonetta), and it’s hitting your PS3 and Xbox 360 very soon. With visuals similar to the Wii’s Mad World,

New Trailer for Anarchy Reigns – Leo Character

Anarchy Reigns is an online kicking-ass game being developed by Platinum Games.

Anarchy Reigns: New Character ‘Mathilda’ Art, Screenshots and Gameplay Trailer

Here’s the introduction of a new character, Mathilda, for Anarchy Reigns, Sega and PlatinumGames’ upcoming online brawler. You can check out her gameplay trailer, screenshots, and artwork below. So far,

Anarchy Reigns: New Screenshots and Bio for Sasha

The new game from PlatinumGames, Anarchy Reigns will take online brawling to new heights. We now feature some screenshots, renders, and bio for Sasha, the beautiful but ice cold character

Teaser Trailer for PlatinumGames’ ANARCHY REIGNS

Yesterday Sega announced the Anarchy Reigns game with screenshots. Today, Sega released the teaser trailer for PlatinumGames’ newest game, the brawler that takes the heavy-hitting to online multiplayer. It will

From the Guys Behind Bayonetta and Vanquish Come ‘Anarchy Reigns’

Sega has announced details and released screenshots for their new game from developer PlatinumGames called Anarchy Reigns. The upcoming game is a third-person multiplayer brawler that will be available fall