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MGS V: The Phantom Pain and Amnesia are free for PS Plus in October

We’ve got some big games coming out for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in October. The first one is the last Hideo Kojima game under Konami, Metal Gear Solid V:

‘Jackie Chan Presents: Amnesia’ trailer (exclusive)

Remember Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? It’s a martial arts film about a secret agent who loses his memory. Everything goes downhill when he is chased by a bunch of unknown

Amnesia creators working on new horror game, SOMA

Games like Amnesia and Slender have helped put the scary back in survival horror, resulting in horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill looking warm and cute like Flower

Conan O’Brien plays Slender, Amnesia and Outlast for Halloween

God, I love these Clueless Gamer segments from Conan O’Brien. Halloween is coming up, so the best way to celebrate the creepy holiday is to have Conan play scary games.