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AHS Night Bites Bakery to Pop Up in LA

The world of American Horror Story is getting bigger with a new anthology series American Horror Stories. American Horror Story: Double Feature will also be out, making it the 10th

Experiencing SDCC 2019 activations: The Walking Dead, Carnival Row, Pennyworth, AHS: 1984

San Diego Comic-Con is the top dog when it comes to pop culture conventions. Movie and TV studios show off their biggest and upcoming projects and companies release exclusive collectibles

American Horror Story: 1984 scares SDCC guests inside a cabin in the woods

American Horror Story is continuing on strong, with a ninth season coming this fall. What makes the show captivating to its fans is the anthology approach. Each season features a

American Horror Story: 1984 activation will be highlight for FX Fearless Forum at SDCC

FX Networks has had some amazing activations at San Diego Comic-Con. One of our highlights was the Legion activation that made you feel like you were a mutant trying to

FX bringing FXhibition back to San Diego Comic-Con

FX is bringing back FXhibition to the San Diego Hilton Bayfront Hotel lawn. The cable network will bring some of its hottest shows to this year’s FXhibition. Not to mention,

Future season of American Horror Story to mix Murder House and Coven

Although each season of American Horror Story is all about being independent from each other, Ryan Murphy recently announced that one of their seasons is going to be a Murder

Counting down days to American Horror Story season 6

We’re counting down the days until September 14th – or as you may know – the premiere of American Horror Story. That means we have about a week and a half

More American Horror Story teasers, yet no answers

There are still no current answers to what the American Horror Story season 6 theme is, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to keep you updated! As the release

Is American Horror Story purposely throwing us off?

Previously, we’ve been dabbling on what topic American Horror Story’s theme for season 6 is. There have been so many teasers, posters, and hints they’ve dropped over the course of

American Horror Season 6 drops more hints

Unfortunately, there have been no updates on the theme for American Horror Story season 6. However, we’ve been getting loads of teaser trailers and promos to the show to get

American Horror Story spooks people with Fearless VR experience

Although we still have no clue about the new American Horror Story theme (I feel like I say this way too often), they had some cool stuff to get us

What exactly is the new American Horror Story theme?

Although we don’t really know anything about the new American Horror Story theme, we’re slowly getting hints in the hopes that soon enough, the creators will finally release what our

American Horror Story season 6 theme announcement gets pushed back

There have been loads of rumors and news floating about the internet talking about the new American Horror Story season, and what the theme of season 6 will be. As

New American Horror Story trailer looks like a Lady Gaga music video

American Horror Story just released a trailer of their new series American Horror Story: Hotel starring Lady Gaga. Created by Ryan Murphy, the video features the creepiness of the hotel and

EW’s cover has bloody Lady Gaga for American Horror Story

I’m sorry, but if you ever thought this woman was slightly normal, then go ahead and take a good look at the new cover of Entertainment Weekly, and see how you

American Horror Story is bringing a real ‘Monster’ to the show

FX has released the first teaser for the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel, and it’s featuring someone we’ve all thought, for a long time, belonged on the show!

Jessica Lange leaves the American Horror Story series

After four seasons with American Horror Story, Jessica Lange has confirmed that she will be leaving the series. Lange told the audience at the American Horror Story: Freak Show panel at

Lady Gaga takes the lead in American Horror Story’s fifth season

Lady Gaga has announced she will be in FX’s American Horror Story fifth season. She even gives us a preview of what’s to come. The new title and theme for this American Horror

Slender Man joins American Horror Story: Freak Show?

Fans are just a few weeks out from Season Four of AHS TV series,  American Horror Story: Freak Show. All month long FX has been releasing clips and new teasers for