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ALDNOAH.ZERO Vol. 4 (Blu-ray review)

“Let Justice Be Done, Though The Heavens Fall” is a fitting description for the second half of the second season of Aldnoah.Zero. Picking up from the mid-season break, we have

Aldnoah Zero Vol. 3 Blu-ray review

Aldnoah.Zero Vol 3 is here and the intergalactic war between the Verse and the Terrans continues on in what seems to be a battle of wits and attrition. Both sides

ALDNOAH.ZERO Limited Edition Blu-ray Vol 2 review

ALDNOAH.ZERO Volume 2 includes the climatic ending to the first season of an excellent new Mecha/drama anime. For those who are unfamiliar, ALDNOAH.ZERO is a story of Mars and its

Review: ALDNOAH.ZERO Limited Edition Blu-ray Vol.1‏

By Lareesa Going into this review, Aldnoah.Zero is already one of my favorite mecha/drama anime. It is centered on a war of two sides: Earth (Terrans) and Mars (Vers). The show