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Mark Hamill speaks as Joker during Star Wars Celebration

During a Q&A session in Star Wars Celebration Europe, Mark Hamill did a line in the upcoming animated movie, The Killing Joke. He talks about how Alan Moore will probably

Fox to reboot the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie

It’s already been 12 years since Fox released the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The film was considered a box office failure and received a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. Sean Connery would later

NSFW: Batgirl exposed in Alan Moore’s controversial The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke is definitely one of the most controversial moments in Batman history. It was very dark and featured The Joker depowering both Commissioner Gordon and Barbara Gordon, aka

Watchmen’s Alan Moore says superhero fans are ’emotionally subnormal’

Here’s something that will really piss off a lot comic book fans out there. In an interview with The Guardian, Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) has stated that he

WATCHMEN Prequel sparks debate

Earlier today DC announced that it will publish new stories to expand the WATCHMEN universe. It will be a seven-title series comic book which will all be inter-connected. The books