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Hayley Atwell and Clark Gregg’s Lip Synch Battle episode finally coming

Finally. The ultimate Marvel TV Lip Synch Battle is on its way. Marvel fans got a heck of a treat last year when Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell and Agents

Exclusive: Agent Carter to be renewed for season 3

Update: We apologize for this, but Agent Carter won’t be renewed for a third season. We will try harder in the future to make sure our sources are correct. (via

Chances of a 3rd Season of Agent Carter doesn’t look good

Things do not bode well for Agent Carter and friends. If you remember last year, it was uncertain if the series would return, which sparked the #RenewAgentCarter movement. Since the

Angie’s back for Agent Carter season two, but not how we’d hoped

  Warning: The following article contains minor spoilers for Agent Carter Season Two. Agent Carter may be off to Hollywood, but it unfortunately doesn’t look like her best gal pal

Agent Carter goes to Hollywood in new promo

Agent Carter is coming back this January and she’s going to Hollywood! In the promo, Peggy and Jarvis head to California to kick some butt. The promo also hinted a

Agent Carter to battle Madame Masque in season 2

Madame Masque is a Marvel villain who wears a mask. She has encountered Tony Stark in the past, even becoming his lover. Now her role will be different in the

Agent Carter season 2 will take place in Los Angeles

Earlier this month it was revealed that Agent Peggy Carter would return for another season in her ABC TV series. Following the conclusion of the first season finale, it was

Marvel’s Agent Carter renewed for second season

Peggy Carter is back! Marvel Studious has just announced that they will be renewing their Captain America spin-off series, Agent Carter, along with fellow Marvel series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The news

Agent Carter Ep 1×8 ‘Valediction’ season finale recap and review

Quick Recap The SSR finds out what the gas that was released in the movie theater was – after Sousa accidentally sprayed it on his face and tried to kill

Agent Carter ‘Snafu’ review

Last night’s Agent Carter episode ‘Snafu’ was simply amazing. I’ll do a quick recap for everyone: We were last left with Peggy being interviewed by her fellow SSR agents, trying to

Agent Carter to appear in Ant-Man tie-in comic

Marvel’s new show on ABC featuring Agent Peggy Carter has been doing very well for itself. The series is only four episodes in and is already a hit among many Marvel

Marvel’s Agent Carter 01×04: ‘The Blitzkrieg Button’ recap [Spoilers]

Four episodes into Marvel’s version of Alias and the series is still going strong. This week’s episode, “The Blitzkrieg Button,” sees the return of Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark. The

Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Lost Years

In 2008, Marvel Studios introduced the world to a shared cinematic universe in which many of Marvel’s comic book character would finally share the screen. Kicking off this experiment in

Agent Carter review: ‘Time & Tide’

Bless my fangirling heart, but I’ve fallen hard for Agent Carter. The mini-series’ third episode, which aired Tuesday, January 13th, continued on the stellar trajectory it began on with the

New stills for Marvel’s Agent Carter ‘Time & Tide’

We very much enjoyed the two-hour premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter starring Hayley Atwell, and here are some new stills for next week’s episode to get you excited on Peggy’s

‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ season premiere review

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is starting to become the ever-expanding behemoth we’re expecting it to be. The past few months had the MCU bring in the cosmic universe with Guardians

Marvel’s Agent Carter ratings are okay

I have heard that the second season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is pretty good, but I became disinterested in the series due to the lackluster early episodes. Now Marvel

Agent Carter to debut with a special 2-hour premiere

With the mid-season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. coming up soon, it’s only a matter of time before Agent Carter fills that Marvel TV void. It’s 1946 and peace has

Who will join the fight against Thanos in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War? The full list of characters in the MCU

It’s crazy isn’t it? All of this Marvel Studios craziness started with the first after-credits scene in Iron Man. Fast-forward 11 years and we get to watch the culmination of

Full synopsis and cast revealed for Marvel’s Agent Carter

With Agent Carter premiering in less than 4 months, Marvel has disclosed a full synopsis for the upcoming ABC mini-series. In addtion, Marvel has revealed the cast for the series

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