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Diana tops Superman in new Wonder Woman international poster

The Amazon heroine will have her own movie debuting in less than two weeks worldwide. To celebrate the upcoming release, Warner Bros. has released a new Wonder Woman international poster

Action Comics #1 sells for almost $1 million

Action Comics #1 is pretty much the holy grail of comics. People seek it out for its incredibly high value due to its age and the fact that it contains

Superman gains a weird new power

The past months have been terrible for Superman. His powers were stolen by Vandal Savage and Lois Lane has revealed his secret identity, Clark Kent. But things are going to

Are you still looking for the original Superman comic, Action Comics #1?

If you’re a collector of comics then you know that some very rare first edition comics could sell for seven figure. This week eBay announced that they will be auctioning

Free Comic Book Day to have Skyward/Midnight Tiger & Zombie Tramp/Ehmm Theory

Free Comic Book Day is heading to a local comic book shop near you on Saturday, May 3rd. Action Comics will be participating that day with free “Silver level” comics

DC Comics: Superman faces H’el on Earth

Starting December 5th, Superman will be facing some obstacles in DC Comics including facing trial and teaming up with Supergirl and Superboy to deal with the Kryptonian, H’el. It’s H’el on

Comic Hit List: The 52 List Pt. 01

In the next few days we’ll be releasing a series of reviews concerning the big DC universe reboot. In these reviews we’ll describe the highs to the lows and the