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E3 2017: A list of must-have Nyko Switch accessories

There isn’t quite as popular of a company for third-party gaming accessories as Nyko. With the Nintendo Switch currently taking the market, the company has decided to take it upon

New accessories to extend life of the Nintendo Switch and its controllers

Nintendo has revealed a few new Nintendo Switch peripherals that will see a release in the following months. First up is the Joy-Con battery pack. The attachable battery pack uses

E3: Hands-on Nyko Charge Blocks

At E3 most of the coverage and major announcements revolve around the video games, as they should. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are not tons of great new peripherals

E3 2014: Nyko wants to sneak into your house with modular accessories

Video game accessory juggernaut Nyko was at E3 this week with a brand new line of equipment to enhance your living room and gaming experience at the same time with

Genius Cavimanus Gaming Headset Review

Gaming is an art, a combination of amazing visuals and sounds that help bring together some of the best games for you to play for hours on end. For PCs,

Review: SteelSeries ‘SRW-S1’ Steering Wheel – Drives Like a Dream

Accessory maker, SteelSeries, has teamed up with Ignite Gaming Technologies to produce a steering wheel for PC that once you race down the track with it, you’ll wonder why you

Snakebyte + DarbeeVision bringing you 3D with only an HDMI cable?

E3 had gaming galore and gaming accessories, one that caught my attention was at the Snakebyte USA. NerdReactor had previously met with Snakebyte back at CES 2011 and learned about

CES 2011: SteelSeries expands how gamers play

In the world of gaming, outside of consoles, accessories are king when it comes to the ultimate PC gaming experience. There are tons of companies offering many of the same