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Star Trek sets course for the Big Apple!

By Michael Nguyen Star Trek’s 50th anniversary is around the corner and there are tons of events scheduled all over the world to honor the cultural phenomenon.  One of the

Star Trek celebrates 50th anniversary with a concert tour starting this month

Get your phasers ready! In honor of this Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage will begin their 100-city North American concert tour in Fort Myers, Florida tomorrow,

DW 50th: The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

BBC has released a video featuring the previous classic Doctors – Peter Davison (5th Doctor), Colin Baker (6th Doctor), Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor) – trying to get into the 50th

DW 50th: Behind the Lens! The making of “The Name of the Doctor”

BBC’s Doctor Who YouTube page has released the  complete making of the 50th Anniversary special, The Name of the Doctor “Behind the Lens”. This feature was played for those who

DW 50th: Awesome video tribute to Doctor Who to A-Ha’s “Take On Me”

I’ve seen many Doctor Who 50th Anniversary tribute videos and they are all brilliant, but this video I’ve decided to show off to everyone, made me jump up and dance

DW 50th: The Day of the Doctor Review #2: Trust Them, They Are the Doctors…

*Contains NO spoilers As a rule, I’m always leery of stunt programming when it comes to TV specials.  Whenever some TV executive has the bright idea to create some sort

DW 50th: The Day of the Doctor Review

*WARNING: Contains spoilers* Steven Moffat and his team have really outdone themselves for the 50th Anniversary episode. Not only did we get to see David Tennant return as the 10th

DW 50th: Google NZ celebrates Doctor Who with fun game!

In honor of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary happening, Google’s New Zealand Doodle has placed an addicting Doctor Who game where the Doctor must save the GOOGLE letters and avoid

DW 50th: Doctor Who mini-episode The Last Day

BBC has released their second mini-episode for The Day of the Doctor called The Last Day. It features soldiers from Gallifrey during the Last Time War. It does not show

DW 50th: David Tennant introduces The Day of the Doctor

Known for his deadpan comedy (among his many acting talents), David Tennant made a video discussing “no expense has been spared” in making of Doctor Who’s The Day of the

DW 50th: It’s Doctor Who Week!!!

With the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who approaching this Saturday, BBC Worldwide (including BBC One, Two, Three and BBC America) will be launching Doctor Who Week! Not only is it

DW 50th: HISHE dedicates a video to the Anniversary

The guys at How It Should Had Ended posted a video dedicated to Doctor Who’s famous episode, Doomsday, where the 10th Doctor is separated from Rose Tyler. In the end,

DW 50th: BBC releases exclusive clip from “The Day of the Doctor” for Children in Need

BBC released an exclusive Doctor Who clip for BBC One’s charity special Children in Need. The clip features UNIT’s Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) showing the Doctor (Matt Smith) and companion

DW 50th: The Night of the Doctor (The Day of the Doctor prequel)

Yeah!!! We get to see the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) in action again as the Doctor, looking sexy as ever (the man is practically the only one from Classic Who

DW 50th: Extended Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor trailer!

With the regular trailer being released recently, BBC has released an extended trailer that the industry folk (and SDCC) got to see – packed with more David Tennant. Yes. He

DW 50th: Behind the scenes of The Day of the Doctor!

Courtesy of Doctor Who 24/7’s Twitter page, we have behind the scenes images from Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor. These are great detailed shots from behind the scenes.

DW 50th: Breakdown of the first The Day of the Doctor trailer

When I mean first, I mean the first trailer that the BBC released. There will be another trailer (an industry trailer) that will be released later today. We did a

DW 50th: The Day of the Doctor trailer is here!

It’s finally here! Only the people at SDCC have seen an exclusive trailer, as well as the BBC crew, but now everyone can see it… two weeks before it airs!

DW 50th: “The Day of the Doctor” new images and storyline!

BBC’s official Facebook has released four new images from Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor! They feature both the 10th (David Tennant) and 11th (Matt Smith) individually. in one

DW 50th: The Day of the Doctor updates!

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) revealed more details about Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor. There will be a 10 minute behind-the-scenes featurette called “Behind the Lens” that