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Justice League in 4DX review

Justice League in 4DX is definitely an experience that is worth experiencing. It’s one of those experiences that makes you feel like you’re flying with Superman, dropping on a bad guy

IOYS Studio creates 3D figurines of your photos

Looks like the selfie game has gone up another notch. Social media has pretty much encompassed a majority of our lives and there’s nothing more cliche about social media than

Stalingrad in Epic IMAX 3D glory!

Nerd Reactor had the honor of seeing the first-ever Russian motion picture to be presented in IMAX 3D: Stalingrad. If any project deserved such an epic upgrade, it was this one.

Watch Sword Art Online on Toonami and enter to win a Sony Personal 3D Viewer

My Saturdays usually consist of playing video games and on occasion watching Toonami to watch some dubbed anime, especially Sword Art Online. Now Aniplex is giving you a great reason

Doctor Who… in 3D?!?!

According to BBC themselves, Ben Stephenson (BBC’s Controller of Drama Comissioning) revealed their plans for the 50th Anniversary: As part of the BBC’s blockbuster celebrations to mark the Doctor turning

Nine-minute preview of Star Trek Into Darkness to be shown to fans

UPDATE: Damon Lindeloff has confirmed that Star Trek Into Darkness will show their full length trailer for the non-IMAX 3D The Hobbit showings. Not sure if the full length trailer

The Amazing Spider-Man – 3D Blu-ray Review

I was genuinely excited when I heard that the new Spider-Man movie was going to be 3D. I became even more excited about the prospect when the trailer showcased the

Jurassic Park 3D announced

Universal just announced Jurassic Park in 3D will be hitting theaters July 19, 2013. The film was originally released on June 11, 1993, and grossed $915 million worldwide. At about

WWE and UFC going 3D?

Just announced today, UFC 143 will be the organization’s first PPV to go 3D. For a whopping $64.99, viewers will be able to enjoy all the brutal action of the

Watch The Avengers 3D in Style

On May 4th, the Avengers movie will be out in theaters and in 3D. And for those going to watch the movie in 3D, they will have a chance to

Are You Excited to See Finding Nemo 3D in Theaters?

With Beauty and the Beast 3D being released in theaters today, Disney has released a new trailer for Pixar’s upcoming Finding Nemo in 3D. So do you think that Disney

LG 3D Monitors Bringing Movies and Games to Life

One of the big trends nowadays are people buying big television sets. These sets include all kinds of different apps now, and the TV can multi-function as a large monitor

BlizzCon 2011 Tournaments in 3D

Blizzard Entertainment held its annual BlizzCon and on Friday night and Saturday, the top World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2 players were taking part in tournaments to show who was

LG Announces 3D Contact Lens Supported Monitor

LG Electronics does away with 3D glasses and invites you for a seamless 3D experience.

Buy Cool 3D Glasses in Theaters from a Vending Machine?

Yeah, you heard right. Pretty soon, we’ll be having vending machines that will sell 3D glasses. Why would you want to buy 3D glasses from a vending machine, if you

Sonic Is Now 20, Old Meets New and a Celebration Ensues

Sonic is now 20 years old, starting off as the iconic mascot for the Sega Master System/Sega Genesis, Sonic would stay exclusive to Sega until the end of the Dreamcast

Ian McKellen Has Seen Bilbo Baggins in 3D

Oh 3D, you’re such a peculiar beast. For one thing, it brings a whole new experience by making you feel more like you’re in the movie. And the other? It

Things You Might Not Know About Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

In the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, players will be allow to play as both Riku and Sora, but there are a few unexpected turn of events. According

Christopher Nolan’s DP on Batman, 3D, and Digital: Film Until the Day I Die

At a Q&A session after a screening of Inception for the Awards Screening Series, Christopher Nolan’s director of photography, Wally Pfister, answers the questions about 3D. “I think one of

Heard Around the Galaxy, and the Internet too: Star Wars Goes 3D in 2012!

Star Wars going back to the movie theater. This time, all 6 franchise films will be re-released in 3D. George Lucas is preparing for the 3D television world too!

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