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IOYS Studio creates 3D figurines of your photos

Looks like the selfie game has gone up another notch. Social media has pretty much encompassed a majority of our lives and there’s nothing more cliche about social media than

Now you can shoot fireballs from your hands for just $174

Did you ever dream of having super powers? I know I did. I always had the dream of being able to fly, whether I’d be like Rogue, Storm or even

Man builds Iron Man suit with 3D printer

Alright, people are getting more creative these days. I already knew that things were getting pretty intense when I began listening to how people made their cosplay, but when I

Students hacked 3D printer and turned it into a tattoo machine

3D printing technology has been skyrocketing as of late. From aerospace, to car parts and even biotech and replacement organs for humans, 3D printing is the forefront of the next