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New CW Upfront 2015-2016 lineup including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The CW, the ones who started the TV comic book craze, brings you a new show about DC heroes, a virus outbreak, and a hilarious musical comedy about a crazy

New CBS Upfront 2015-2016 lineup including Supergirl and Limitless

CBS just released the trailers for their fall lineup and it includes the anticipated trailer to Supergirl and Limitless. With two comedies, two dramas, and one superhero show, CBS are expanding

New FOX Upfront 2015-2016 lineup including Minority Report

The Fox network has released a variety of TV shows for this fall and for their mid-season. They included the trailers to all but two of their new upcoming shows.

New NBC Upfront 2015-2016 lineup including Heroes Reborn

NBC has released four NEW trailers for their upcoming Fall season. They released Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris and Heroes Reborn during the beginning of the year, but

New ABC Upfront 2015-2016 lineup including The Muppets

ABC has released the trailers for their upcoming shows for the fall and spring season. There are a plethora of comedy and drama mixed with choices and one including The