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Glen’s top 5 geek films of 2013

*Disclaimer: These picks are my own entirely and does not reflect all of the writers of Nerd Reactor. Also, the movie ‘Her’ has not come out in Ottawa, Canada yet.

Eroge game ‘almost’ voted Readers’ Best Game of the Year

We have a top list here and a top list there. We can see these types of end-of-the-year lists everywhere! Well, except for me at the moment, but in light of all these lists going

NR’s Laura: My top ten geek films of 2013

With 2013 coming to a close and 2014 being filled with so many awesome movies coming out, I had to do a list of my top ten “geeky” films of

Steam Halloween Sale, your wallet must be terrified

At least it isn’t pumpkin spiced. While most Halloween sales include either stale candy or aromatherapy candles (which you’ve been forced to endure for the entirety of October), the highly