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Videogame BANG! #26: VGB Meets 1337LeagueLive

Whats up, Flatbread Pizzas?! Cory here with a brand-new episode of the Videogame BANG! podcast presented by Nerd Reactor. We have an exciting show filled with twists and turns and

The Last of Us’ Ashley Johnson heads to 1337 Lounge Live tonight

The Last of Us recently released a DLC prequel, “Left Behind”, where you get to play as Ellie. The DLC has been making the internet rounds with its controversial surprise

Troy Baker and Roger Craig Smith join 1337 Lounge Live tonight for Batman: Arkham Origins

1337 Lounge Live is having two very special guests tonight at 7pm PST. Voice actors Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker will be joining the 1337 Lounge crew to promote

Cristina Vee at 1337 Lounge Live this Thursday, April 18th

Damn this video! Now I have fallen in love with Cristina Vee and wish to ask for her hand in marriage (must snap out of it!). The beautiful voice actress