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Doctor Who: S8E7 – ‘Kill the Moon’ review

*May contain spoilers* So far, this season has been focusing mainly on Clara Oswald. This past week’s episode is included. The Doctor is mainly just there because he has to be and bails

Titan Comics presents the Twelfth Doctor!

BBC and Titan Comics just released the images that will be used for the 12th Doctor’s comic book debut. It will be written by Eagle award winner Robbie Morrison (Drowntown,

Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor’s ring?

Photos have surfaced from The Daily Mail UK of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in costume and a special ring on his wedding finger. We will not know for sure until BBC

Doctor Who: the 12th Doctor gets a puppet!

Alisa Stern, director and creator of The Doctor Puppets,  has released a puppet of the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi in his costume. She has handcrafted each puppet starting with the 9th

Check out the 12th Doctor’s official costume!

Check the 12th Doctor’s Peter Capaldi out! Really digging his new outfit. The red lining inside of his coat reminds me of the 3rd Doctor’s cape. Very modern so it

Official BBC statements regarding Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor

The BBC released official statements from the cast and crew of Doctor Who regarding Peter Capaldi being picked as The 12th Doctor. Steven Moffat, head writer and executive producer said:

Peter Capaldi introduces himself as The New Doctor

With Peter Capaldi announced as the New Doctor (12th Doctor), we obtained a video from BBC One of Capaldi introducing himself as The Doctor. Capaldi released a statement, “Being asked

The 12th Doctor ANNOUNCED and is…

The anticipated question is here… What is the Doctor’s name? Oh… No… not that one. Who is the new Doctor that will be regenerating in the Christmas Special this December?

BBC to announce next Doctor on Sunday – Who will it be?

This coming Sunday marks the now-confirmed debut announcement of the next (and presumably final) incarnation of one of its most popular main characters of all time, The Doctor, of classic series Doctor

Doctor Who: Is the World ready for a female Doctor? Part 1

As Matt Smith confirms his departure as The Doctor this Christmas Special, people have been wondering (and betting) who the next Doctor will be. Doctor Who is the only show

Doctor Who rumors: Rory Kinnear is “sick” of Who reports

According to multiple sources, Rory Kinnear has stated (through others) that he has not been approached by the BBC regarding Doctor Who ever. BBC recently squashed the rumors they approached

Doctor Who Rumor: Rory Kinnear has been asked to be the next Doctor

According to a source from Telegraph UK (a news site), BBC has asked British actor Rory Kinnear to be the 12th Doctor. “He has been offered the part and we

Doctor Who: No Doctor announcement today!

Looks like Stardust Magazine’s source is invalid. BBC made an announcement on their Doctor Who Twitter account that there will be NO Doctor Who announcement. Freelance producer/director for Doctor Who

Doctor Who Rumor: BBC to announce the Doctor tomorrow

Whoa! That was fast! According to Starbust Magazine, their sources stated that the BBC will announce the new Doctor tomorrow. It has only been a week since Smith’s official announcement

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor? Part 2

With the news of Smith’s departure from Doctor Who, many gambling agencies have been placing bets on who the new Doctor will be. Several names emerged out of no where