Riot Games to Release Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables in March as Free Game Update

John Nguyen

Riot Games is bringing a free game update, Inkborn Fables, to Teamfight Tactics, the world’s largest PC strategy game. Today, a teaser trailer has been released, giving viewers a taste of the creativity inside the video game world.

The Inkborn Fables update will be available on March 20, 2024, as part of Patch 14.6, allowing players to paint their own path. In the game, players will play as Little Legends, going on adventures inside a mystical and ancient world complete with their own mythological creatures and heroes. New champions, mechanics, traits, augments, cosmetics, and a new Pass & Pass+ will be revealed to players.

Inborn Fables is the 11th game update for Teamfight Tactics, and it will be available on PC and mobile beginning on March 20, 2024.

About Teamfight Tactics

TFT is an eight-person free-for-all strategy game where players combine LoL champions and items in different formations to defeat the seven other players in a match. As the leading game in the auto battler genre, players tactically place an army of characters on a grid-shaped game board for a last-player-standing automated battle. Since launching in 2019, TFT has emerged as the top contender in the genre by providing a fun and deep chess-like gameplay experience for all types of players on multiple platforms.