Monarch Interview: Anders Holm and Mari Yamamoto on Episode 6: Terrifying Miracles

John Nguyen

The MonsterVerse has featured heavy hitters like Godzilla and King Kong as they battle giant monsters and each other with films such as Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla vs. Kong. Apple TV+’s new series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, explores the creation of Monarch, the secret organization that studies Titans, while also dealing with a generational family drama.

Spoilers ahead for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 6: “Terrifying Miracles.”

Keiko (Mari Yamamoto), Bill (Anders Holm) and Lee (Wyatt Russell) are pivotal characters in the creation of Monarch back in the 1950s, and their journey will pave the way for the new generation as they deal with government funding and chasing Godzilla. In episode 6, the trio visits a scientist in Japan who can attract Titans. Much to their surprise, Godzilla survived the Bikini Atoll nuclear testing.

Throughout the series as Keiko, Bill and Law chase after Titans and try to get funding, a love triangle forms.

“I think that like, weirdly, neither my character nor Wyatt’s character were ever putting the moves on, if that makes sense,” Holm tells Nerd Reactor. “I think it was like, work first. And then through the work, Bill and Keiko connected, but I think there was something more like pheromonal between Lee and Keiko or maybe different.”

“[The] writers would say Billy is Mr. Right, and Lee is Mr. Right Now,” Yamamoto added. “And yeah, I agree with that. But I also think that they’re both right for Keiko in different ways. And in a different time, different circumstances, maybe Lee and Keiko would have worked out as well. So I think finally, it’s the three of them that make everything make sense together.”

During the 6th episode, Keiko attends the ball with Lee, and it was something that helped Yamamoto with her scene.

“It was such a different episode for me,” Yamamoto explained. “Because I’m always sweaty, and there’s something on my face. Some dirt or sweat on my face, and I’m just running after something or very upset about something and I’m upset still out some things at the ball. But you know, it’s suddenly, we’re inside, and there’s 100 people in pretty dresses and dancing. So that’s when it first felt like, ‘Oh, this is the 1950s because we’re always the three of us in a remote area doing something and then suddenly, you’re thrust into this context of what it was like. Having the extras really throw me dirty looks in that environment really helped me get into the character being like, ‘Oh, this is her life as she walks down the street.’ That’s the look people give her so it added another layer to it, and I’m really grateful for that.”

Featured image: Anders Holm and Mari Yamamoto in Monarch Legacy of Monsters Courtesy of Apple TV+.