Meet Heartsteel, the New League of Legends Virtual Band

John Nguyen

Riot Games Music (RGM) has been knocking it out of the park with its original songs from League of Legends and Valorant. Fans and music lovers have been blessed with hits like “Enemy” by Imagine Dragons, “Legends Never Die” by Against the Current, and many more. The studio’s music division even crafted the popular virtual K-pop girl group, K/DA, featuring characters Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai’Sa with songs like “Pop/Stars,” “Villain,” and “More.” Today, Heartsteel has been revealed, a new virtual band featuring reimagined versions of 6 League of Legends champions.

Baekhyun from the K-pop group Exo will portray Ezreal (vocalist), ØZI is Sett (co-leader, rapper), Tobi Lou is K’Sante (co-leader, vocalist), and Cal Scruby is Kayn (rapper, instrumentalist). Joining them are Aphelios (instrumentalist, songwriter) and Yone (producer). Together, they will unleash the debut single “Paranoia” on October 23rd.

Heartsteel joins K/DA and other virtual bands created by Riot Games including Pentakill and True Damage.

Here’s a description of the band:

“Heartsteel is a group of dynamic daredevils dedicated to unapologetic individuality and creative expression. Their mission is to blaze a path to success on their own terms. The group’s personality and sound draws inspiration from modern music collectives, and a range of influences from across genres and eras, culminating in a bold, one-of-a-kind identity. Heartsteel’s character-forward songwriting and relentless energy are encapsulated in their upcoming debut single, “Paranoia.”

“Paranoia” will be available on YouTube and major listening platforms on Monday, October 23 at 8 a.m. PT.

“Riot’s virtual artists have been some of the most innovative and beloved music moments for our players” said Maria Egan, Global Head of Music & Events at Riot Games Entertainment. “The idea of an all-male band has long been speculated on by fans and we’re so excited to bring this fantasy to life. HEARTSTEEL is a deep collaboration between all our talented in-house creative teams and some incredible new artists. The ethos of HEARTSTEEL is a supergroup of musical soulmates greater than the sum of its parts – a philosophy that our community embodies every day through their dedication to our games.”