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Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Level Design Evolved

The original Deus Ex game gave gamers true freedom when it came to infiltrating and extracting. Your character, JC Denton, can go inside a building in many different ways, whether

Winnie the Pooh Confirmed for July 15, 2011

Disney has confirmed the date for Winnie the Pooh for a July 15, 2011 release, just a week before Captain America comes out and also the same day Harry Potter

Batman Watches Over Arkham City in this Concept Art

Here’s a newly released artwork for Batman: Arkham City as Batman watches over the city. Word on the street is that the bird is not the word, but is actually

Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull with the Cosmic Cube

From SFX Magazine, comes this new photo of Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt, who soon becomes the Red Skull. In the photo, he is seen holding the Cosmic Cube. Hugo

Watch NBC’s ‘The Cape’ Online and Highlight Clips

If you missed NBC’s The Cape last night on Sunday, January 9th, you can check out recaps of the highlights below, and you can also check out both the full

‘The Secret World’ Brings MMO into the Modern Day World of Secret Societies

Funcom and EA Partners announced today, January 10th, that they have agreed on co-publishing Funcom’s The Secret World, an MMO that gets away from all the fantasy worlds and brings

Gigantic Dead or Alive: Dimensions 3DS Trailer

Dead or Alive, you’re coming with me. Whenever Robocop says that, I wonder if he’s making some kind of horrific double entendre. Okay, so silly Robocop jokes aside, you can

Live Nintendo Music at the Nintendo World Event

Yep, that video screen behind them pretty much says it all. If you’d like to hear Donkey Kong Country, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Bros., and The Legend of Zelda played

See More of Kid Icarus in Action for 3DS

For those of you who would like to beat a Kid Icarus game (without passwords), you’ll have a chance again this Spring with the new “Kid Icarus: Uprising” for 3DS.

CES 2011: Nyko’s 2011 Product Line-Up

Nyko kicks off 2011 with more accessories for the PS3, 360, and Wii in their showcase. Starting with their PS3 accessories, they have the Raven Standard controllers and Raven Alternate

CES 2011: SteelSeries expands how gamers play

In the world of gaming, outside of consoles, accessories are king when it comes to the ultimate PC gaming experience. There are tons of companies offering many of the same

Things About the 3DS You Should Know

As some of you may know, Nintendo is holding a big event at Nintendo world in Tokyo right now. As a part of the event, Nintendo has just release a

Ford Focus Electric Unveiled at CES 2011 with Gallery

Nerd Reactor attended the preview event last night for Ford’s unveiling of the Ford Focus Electric at CES 2011. The vehicle emits no CO2, and is gasoline-free. It will be

Here is what Sony Has to Say to the Hackers

Recent development indicates that the PS3 has been completely compromised on the hardware level and is now vulnerable to homebrews and pirates, but Sony has something else in mind. “We

CES 2011: Logitech Booth

Logitech was well prepared and equipped for this year’s CES with their various accessories. Logitech had displays of their wireless keyboards, wireless mice, HD webcams, harmony remotes, and head phones,

CES 2011: Capcom Delivers the 1-2 Punch, Literally!

Day 1 at CES is a trip. Being used to conventions like E3, Anime Expo and Comic-con you become accustomed to everything roughly close by and local to the convention

CES 2011: ION Audio Showcases New Piano Master, iCade, and Book Saver

ION Audio focuses on music enthusiasts, musicians and DJ’s of all levels looking for an affordable solution to digital music entertainment. They have a history of innovation with music products

CES 2011: Sony and Toshiba Showoff Their ‘Work-in-Progress’ Glasses-Free 3D TVs

It seems like the general dislike of 3D TVs is the inconvenience of wearing pricey, uncomfortable glasses within the comfort of your own home.  For quite sometime now, there have

CES 2011: Sennheiser Delivers More of the Same…Greatness

Sennheiser has been doing audio for many years now and has proved timelessly that they’re good at it. With their new lines of audio headphone products, they have cemented themselves

Skype Group Video Calling Launched… with a Price

Skype has announced the launch of their Group Video Calling feature for consumers and enterprises. The feature is part of the premium package, which costs $8.99 a month. If that