It Follows Sequel, They Follow, To Begin Production in 2024

John Nguyen

It Follows is a horror film that has received praise from critics, was a cult hit and grossed $23.3 million at the worldwide box office from a $1.3 million budget. 9 years later after the film’s release, Neon announced that director and writer David Robert Mitchell would be back with a sequel titled They Follow. Maika Monroe, who starred in the first film, will be reprising her role as Jay Height, a young woman who was chased by an unknown entity that stalks and kills its victims.

The cult classic film, It Follows, features an unknown entity that hunts and murders its victims by taking the shape of a random person who is always watching and slowly walking toward the victim. If the victim has sex with another person, the entity will follow that person. However, if the new victim is killed, the entity will go after the previous person. It was a terrifying concept that many took as a metaphor for STDs.

Neon is producing the film with Good Fear Content, and production will begin in 2024.

Michell serves as a producer with Jake Weiner and Chris Bender of Good Fear Content, and the original producers of It Follows will be back including David Kaplan, Erik Rommesmo, Rebecca Green and Laura Smith.

This is the second time Neon CEO Tom Quinn and Mitchell will be working together under Quinn’s label RADiUS.

Mitchell’s full-length feature debut, The Myth of the American Sleepover (2010), had its world premiere at South by Southwest. His second feature, It Follows, received a Critics Choice Awards nomination. In 2018, he wrote, produced and directed Under the Silver Lake, a black comedy/mystery starring Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough.

Mitchell is currently working on an untitled Warner Bros. and Bad Robot project with Anne Hathaway.