Indiana Jones and the Great Circle: Exciting Preview at Xbox Games Showcase

Mark Pacis

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

The Indiana Jones franchise has struggled with recent releases, but moving to the video game medium might reignite fan interest. Despite setbacks, Indiana Jones remains an iconic character, and fans will follow when the adventure is right. The latest gameplay of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle suggests it could be the fresh start the series needs.

In Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, you take on the role of the iconic archaeologist Indiana Jones and set out on an exciting adventure to uncover a significant historical secret while facing off against evil adversaries. Bethesda Studios revealed the much-anticipated release date during the Xbox Games Showcase. They also presented new gameplay footage and an important scene from the game. Watch the full reveal below.

An Epic Adventure Across the Globe

From the hallowed halls of the Vatican and the sunken temples of Sukhothai to the ancient pyramids of Egypt and the frosty peaks of the Himalayas, Indiana Jones’ latest expedition spans the entire globe.

Teaming up with Gina, Indy must outsmart the clever Voss and his henchmen as they search for ancient relics. A decoded message takes Indiana and Gina to Nepal, where they chase after one of the artifacts hidden deep within the Himalayas. Their dangerous trek through the mountains leads them to a frozen battleship in the peaks. This is just one of the many exciting locations they will visit to uncover the secrets of the Great Circle.

Trapped by the formidable Gantz, our heroes find themselves in a gripping showdown over the artifact. As the ship hurtles down the mountainside, pandemonium erupts. Renowned for their high-stakes action and breathtaking set pieces, MachineGames presents moments that showcase Indy’s ingenuity. He must rely on his intellect, fists, whip, gun, and even the occasional grenade from a companion to survive.

“Creating an Indiana Jones game inspires us to draw from the iconic moments that thrilled us as kids,” says Game Director Jerk Gustafsson. “We all remember the excitement of Indy’s daring and often narrow escapes, and we aim to capture those moments in The Great Circle.”

Experience Indiana Jones and the Great Circle from day one on Game Pass when it launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC later this year.