Furby Is Back for Its 25th Anniversary with New Toys

John Nguyen

Furby was an interactive toy that was a phenomenon when it was released back in 1998. The popular toy line was a hit with kids and had a reach all over the world. For its 25th anniversary, Hasbro wants to reach a new generation with new Furby toys available in two colors, Purple and Coral.

The new Furby toys will be available on store shelves and on Amazon beginning July 15. These interactive toys will have 5 voice-activated modes and over 600 responses. Other features include lights, sounds, and 10 unique songs. With 5 different voice commands, Furby will be able to dance, tell your fortune, give you a light show, and more.

Here are the five commands: “Dance Party,” “Copy Cat,” “Tell My Fortune,” “Let’s Chill,” or “Lightshow”

Courtesy of Hasbro

You can also interact with Furby via hugs, pats, belly tickles, shaking, and feeding it the pretend Pizza Charm. Their furhawk can be combed, and accessories will be included like clip-on beads and more.

About Furby

In the late 1990s, Furby became one of the toy industry’s most notable and iconic releases. Within just three years, over 40 million units were sold. Furby’s popularity was in part thanks to the wiggling ears, expressive and iconic eyes, and its unique language known as Furbish. It sparked a collector’s craze that resulted in high auction prices above its retail value. It was even banned from the National Security Agency (NSA) premises in Maryland.