You Can Now Create Your Own Funko Pop! Figure with Funko’s Pop! Yourself

John Nguyen

We had the chance to preview Funko’s Pop! Yourself figure during San Diego Comic-Con where the kiosk stations emulated the online experience of customizing and creating your own Funko Pop! figure. Today, the pop culture lifestyle brand has launched the experience online to fans in the United States, letting them go crazy with their creations with styles, clothing, and accessories.

Funko Pop! figures are cute, stylized and popular with so many licensed properties including Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Disney, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jurassic Park and many, many more. With Funko Pop! Yourself, you can now create your own figure online and have it shipped directly to you. The possibilities are endless with millions of combinations via stylization and accessories. For your style, you can pick from different skin colors, hairstyles, facial hair, shirt, pants, etc. Accessories include food, video game controllers, pets, drinks, sporting gear, and more.

Additionally, it’s a great gift for family and friends. Imagine creating a Pop! figure of someone you care about and seeing the surprised look on their faces as they witness tiny versions of themselves in Pop! form.

You can create and ordere your Funko Pop! Yourself now on for $30.

Check out our experience of customizing and creating our own Funko Pop! Yourself figure and receiving the final result when it arrived on our doorsteps.

Receiving the package was an exciting experience, and here I am complete with a video game controller, burger, and my pet cat.

Credit: Nerd Reactor

Those in the Los Angeles and Everett, WA area previously had the chance to create their own Pop! Yourself figures. The sales of these customizable figures accounted for over 20% of each store’s overall sales since the program launched in 2021.

“People experience life in different ways, and we’re thinking about how can that come to life in Pop! form,” Dave Beré, VP of Brand & Marketing, tells Nerd Reactor during San Diego Comic-Con 2023. “It’s really that the options are endless. We really got to be focused on where we’re going to be, but we’re going to continue to add to the assortment and it’s going to continue to evolve. We have a lot of great things in the pipeline.”

Does that mean IPs will be included? For example, the Pop! Yourself figure having the head of Iron Man, etc?

“We’re looking at a lot of different options with our licensing partners, collab licensing different form factors within different price points,” Beré explained. “They are all things we’re looking at and putting on a roadmap for this going forward.”

It’s not a definite confirmation for a particular IP, but it’s a good sign that fans will likely get to transform themselves into their favorite characters when these options from the world of entertainment, sports and music become available in 2024.