EVE Online’s FPS, EVE Vanguard, Will Have a Pre-Alpha Playtest in December

John Nguyen

EVE Vanguard is the highly anticipated first-person shooter set in the world of EVE Online. CCP Games announced the game during EVE Fanfest 2023, and today, it announced that the “First Strike” live event for the sandbox FPS will be available next month. The EVE Online module will have a pre-alpha playtest made available for EVE Online players with an active Omega account. It’s scheduled to go live from midday UTC on December 7 to midday UTC on December 11, 2023.

When the EVE Vanguard event goes live, players will have the chance to pick their Vanguard character profile via the EVE launcher. The shooter can be played by yourself or with your friends in a squad as you battle in a PvPvE environment. What you do in the game can affect New Eden, and it will be connected to EVE Online from day one.

EVE Vanguard. Courtesy of CCP Games

To learn more and get started, you can visit and register at vanguard.eveonline.com. To learn more about the EVE Online Omega subscription, you can visit the page here.

This isn’t the first shooter set in the EVE Online universe. Dust 514 was a free-to-play FPS from developer CCP Shanghai for the PlayStation 3. It was set in New Eden and things you did in the game could affect EVE Online. The game was shut down in 2016. CCP Games also attempted another FPS with Project Legion and Project Nova, with both never getting a release.

In other news, EVE Online will be getting a free patch, which comes after the release of the Havoc expansion last week. Here are the highlights:

  • Lifted restrictions on EverMark trading, reinstating players’ in-game transaction freedoms
  • Dynamic, in-game music that adapts to the unfolding narratives of corruption and suppression.
  • Quality of Life improvements for Corporation Projects.