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Saints Row’s Customization Showcase Features Plenty of Styles

One of the popular things to do in the Saints Row franchise is to get sucked into creating your own character. With the upcoming Saints Row game, customization is getting

Why There’s Hope for Amy Hennig’s New Star Wars Game

Amy Hennig’s list of credits includes co-writer, co-designer and director for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and head writer and creative director for the Uncharted series. When it was announced

Roguelite Game, MythForce, Is a Love Letter to ’80s Cartoons

The ’80s was a wonderful time for cartoon shows like He-Man, ThunderCats, SilverHawks, MASK, Visionaries, and many more. These animated series featured catchy theme songs, epic opening animations, and a

Oblivion Is Free with April’s Prime Gaming, Plus Overwatch, Hearthstone Goodies

April is almost upon us, and that means it’s time for the April lineup announcement for Prime Gaming’s Free Games and In-Game Content. Additionally, it’s been announced that the service

Move Over, Universal Studios’ Wizarding World! Hogwarts Legacy Looks to Be the Ultimate Experience

Harry Potter and Wizarding World fans who wanted to feel like they’re part of that universe had the option of going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal

Sniper Elite 5 Coming in May: 2-Player Co-op and X-ray Kill Cam Returning

Sniper Elite is a video game franchise known for its X-Ray kill-cam where players become a sniper during World War II. The next game in the series, Sniper Elite 5,

Eville: Social Deduction, Fantasy Village, and Murder!

The village of Eville seems peaceful and quiet. There are merchants, markets and houses all around, and everyone is minding their own business and running around doing errands. As the

List of Updates for Dying Light 2’s Patch 1.2

It’s been somewhat of a bumpy road for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, but Techland has been tweaking the game. Some of the recent updates left a sour taste in

Street Fighter 6 Teaser Shows More Realistic Art Style

Street Fighter is one of the most popular fighting game franchises, and Capcom has been steadily releasing new updates for Street Fighter V, with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition –

Wands Alliances Coming to Meta Quest 2 VR

Wands is a first-person VR game that was released in 2016 for the Oculus Gear VR, where players use wands to cast spells against other players online in a fast-paced

The Wolf Among Us 2: A Telltale Series Gets a Full Trailer

Telltale made a name for itself with its episodic The Walking Dead narrative video game series. After its success, the company started to develop different games from different IPS including

Get Amazon Games’ Lost Ark Exclusive Content with Prime Gaming

Amazon Games’ Lost Ark is an upcoming free-to-play, massively multiplayer online action role-playing game (MMOARPG). Players travel in a new world with lost treasures, and the prize is the eternal

Dying Light 2 Day 1 Patch: What You Can Expect

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is just a day away, and the team at Techland has been working on fixes and bugs before the game’s launch. During the last two

Amazon Luna New Games for February

Amazon Luna has been getting some new games recently including Kine (Family Channel) and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction (Ubisoft+ Channel). With February on the horizon, Luna subscribers should anticipate

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Headed to PC in March 2022

Death Stranding is something of a unique gaming experience that received mostly positive reactions from critics and mixed/average reactions from gamers. It’s been made fun of as a “walking simulator”,

What Xbox Will Get from Activision Blizzard Acquisition

Microsoft and Xbox have acquired Call of Duty and World of Warcraft developer Activision Blizzard

HyperX Announces 300-Hour Wireless Gaming Headset at CES 2022

HyperX is a gaming peripherals team at HP Inc, and today, it has announced the new Cloud Alpha Wireless headset, which is advertised as having the longest-lasting battery in the

Deceit Christmas Mega Bundle Code Giveaway

Deceit is a free-to-play social horror first-person shooter where infected players try to take down innocent players. As an unwilling participant, you wake up in a strange area with five

Recreate Green Hill Zone with This LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Set

Sonic the Hedgehog is a popular video game franchise that follows a blue hedgehog who can move at incredible speeds. The blue speedster became a hit when it came into

1942 X RepliCade Review: Capcom’s WWII Shooter Transformed into Mini Arcade

New Wave prides itself in retro arcade gaming including miniature arcade cabinets called X RepliCade and miniature token machines. Some of the X RepliCade games include Dragon’s Lair, Asteroids, Centipede