Videogame BANG!

Videogame BANG! #25: Face-Rift and Michael John Mollo

This week on the Game BANG! We keep the momentum of amazing guests rolling with Michael John Mollo, composer of the beautiful Strider reboot by Double Helix. I am of

Weekend BANG! #11: MMOs and Cyber Heist’s Zac Truscott

What’s poppin’, people. Sir Aaron Carter, here again bringing you another episode of the Weekend Bang! Today we’re going massive as we discuss MMOs. Like every episode, Cory Vincent chimes

Videogame BANG! #24: VGB Meets BCX

What’s Up, Pizzas, and welcome to the 10th Wonder of the World! You could be anywhere on the internet right now, but you have decided to be here with us.

Weekend BANG! #10: Indie Games and Ryan Frye

Sir Aaron Carter here, bringing you another exciting episode of the Weekend BANG! Today we visit that wild west of the video game world, indie games. That’s right people, the

Videogame BANG! #23: Comic Con Hangover

What can I say, people?! This episode you are about to behold is pure unadulterated Videogame BANG! After the biggest weekend of our show, we were all a little comic

Videogame BANG! Quickie: Wizard World Sacramento Day #3

This is the final day of our three-part exploration into the Sacramento Wizard World Comic Con. The gang had a lot of fun, and made a lot of awesome new

Videogame BANG! Quickie: Wizard World Sacramento Day #2

Day two of the Sacramento Wizard World Comic con was in full effect! From early morning to late night, the BANG! Gang was out cruising the floor and checking out

Videogame BANG! Quickie: Wizard World Sacramento Day #1

The BANG! Gang talks about our first impressions and experience at the Wizard World Conference in Sacramento. From cosplay to celebrity sightings and panel interviews, Cory, Aaron, Steven, Jada, and

Videogame BANG! #22: Gaming Megabytes

Get ready to see what happens when people stop being nice and start getting real! We bring to you an extremely heated episode of the podcast. On the show as

Weekend BANG! #9: PENTA-BANG!

What’s happening, people, Sir Aaron Carter bringing you another thrill-filled episode of the Weekend Bang! Ever by my side, but you may not recognize him because of his evolution, Cory

Videogame BANG! #21: The Return of Genese Davis

Previous Episodes l @VideoGameBang l Facebook What’s up men, women and pizzas of all ages! We have a fantastic show lined up for you guys this week filled to the

Weekend BANG! #8: Who’s the Boss?

What’s going down, folks, Sir Aaron Carter here to bring you another banging episode of VGB’s Weekend Bang! The usual suspects join me again. Cory Vincent’s back from his trial

Videogame BANG! Episode #20: South BANG!

What’s up, pizzas?! Cory here writing this description for the VGB’s 20th episode of the podcast under the Nerd Reactor flag! It’s been such a hoot going on this journey

Weekend BANG! #7: BANG! of Dragons

Gather around, children, as I spin you the tale of Sir Aaron Carter and the Brave men that journeyed with him into the vast and confusing world of Dungeons and

Videogame BANG! Episode #19: Flappy BANG!

What’s App, Flappy Dongs?! Let’s kick this pig and dive right into this week’s Videogame BANG! We have a first time in-studio guest. He is an old friend of ours,

Weekend BANG! #6: Talk Nerdy To Me

Hey nerds, geeks and gamers! Sir Aaron Carter here to bring you another great episode of the Weekend Bang. This episode we try to do our very best to find

Videogame BANG! Episode #18: Nobody FOX w/ Nerd Reactor

What’s up, Pizzas?! It is that time once again for the BANG! gang to take you on a nerdy journey through the fantastical world of video games and entertainment. This

Weekend BANG! #5: Retro BANG! w/ Scott Tumilty

What it do, folks. Sir Aaron Carter is back again with another Videogame Bang! Weekend Bang! Retro Edition. You heard right. Retro, that means we break out the bell bottoms

Videogame BANG! Episode #17: Future GRAMMY winner Titanfall composer Stephen Barton

Hey everyone, we don’t have a lot of time so I am going to skip out on typing my standard ‘What’s up, Pizzas?!’ catchphrase. I think that probably took up

Weekend BANG! #4: Indie Saga (Gonna Sue Us, King?)

The VGB Weekend Bang is going all indie, people! (Well just for today.) Aaron Carter once again takes the wheel and drives the crew to Indie-town to talk all about