“Handprint Identification, Please” – Imation Biometric Flash Drive

If Sucker Punch didn’t catch the movie lovers’ hearts, the eye candy surely did. With this in mind, I set my Google search to “Vanessa Hudgens” (oh don’t be clowning

How a Mini Digital Scale Could Have Saved My Sardines

How nerdy can a luggage scale be? Not especially nerdy, but the stuff we carry with us to gaming and electronics conventions will matter to our luggage fees and our

Urbanears Bagis Earphones: The Cool Portable Experience Review

Urbanears recently released its Bagis earphones line and let me say that it’s a wonderful listening piece, especially for active people. The coolest feature is the snap construction. When you’re

PlayStation 3 Hacker Hides Out in South America

Sony is on the tracks of PlayStation 3 hacker, George Hotz, because he was able to hack the PS3. He gave the hard drive over to a neutral third party,

iPhone 4 Beetle Cases Giveaway

Hello guys and girls. We have another giveaway for you and this one are for the Apple lovers. We’re giving away the iPhone 4 Beetle cases. Here’s a description of

Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal “Blows [email protected]$# Up!” with the New PSP Phone

Kristen Schaal is comedian that is well known being intelligent, quirky, awkward and at sometime a little scary. That is way Sony choose the Daily Show correspondent to introduce the

Sprint Users Can Now Use Their Number as Google Voice

Google Voice and Sprint have now teamed up and Sprint users can use their existing number for Google Voice. You won’t have to change or port your number, and you

AT&T Acquires T-Mobile USA

  As if the lackluster service at T-Mobile wasn’t hint enough of a downhill slump, T-Mobile has announced that it is being purchased by telecom giant AT&T.  AT&T is the

Are Consoles Becoming a Dying Breed Because of Emerging Mobile Technology?

  Peter Vesterbacka, the CEO for Angry Birds developer Rovio, made a bold statement this past week on an SXSW (South by South West) panel. To put it simple, he

USB 3.0 Standard is Thunderbolted

  Do you remember having to power down your PC and your printer before plugging it in? Before the days of USB, there was parallel and serial. USB was innovative because

NES Controller On iPad – It’s About Time

I still question the lack of a D-pad on an iPad, and apparently someone else out there agrees. In the video you’ll see that Youtube user ProtoDojo attaches mechanical fingers

Net Neutrality – Packet Discrimination

Many of us should know the feeling: you are at work and when browsing the internet you reach a message “Content is Blocked.” Welcome to packet discrimination. The future of internet

Help Japan by Liking AViiQ: To Donate $1 for Every New Facebook ‘Like’

Now here’s something easy to do to help out Japan from the recent 8.9 earthquake that hit them. AViiQ is donating $1 to the American Red Cross for every person

Nintendo 3DS May Bring Virtual Reality to Your World

Do you want virtual reality? Of course you do. The 3DS just might be the right step in that direction. Have you guys heard about the augmented reality cards (AR

Microsoft’s Kinect Is the Fastest Selling Consumer Electronic Device Ever!

Microsoft’s Kinect is the “Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device” according to Guinness World Records. It’s pretty crazy to see a peripheral for a console sell like crazy. It’s even crazier

Finish Him/Her Using the Mortal Kombat Fight Stick

The Mortal Kombat reboot game is going to be available next month on April 19, 2011 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Having said that, what better way to

Nerd Reactor Podcast Episode #1

At last the time has come! For the first time, Nerd Reactor’s finest have been locked in a closet with a tape recorder to discuss the recent news, events and

Tech Review: Imation LINK Transmits Your PC to Your Big-Ass TV Wirelessly

For most of us, our desktop PC or laptop screen is sufficient enough when we surf the net or play PC games up close. But what happens when you’re watching

The iPad 2 Cometh

  Why would you want an iPad 2? Well, for starters it has an HDMI output that supports up to 1080p, screen rotating, and even charges the iPad 2. There

Add some Flare to your iPhone or iOS with the Siberia Neckband Headset

From Steelseries, a well known name when it comes to hardcore competitive gaming around the world, the Siberian neckband steps away from gaming and gives a new accessory for iOS