Behind the Scenes of Disney’s ‘Tangled’ at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects

I was invited to the Gnomon School of Visual Effects last Thursday (April 28th) for a special behind-the-scenes look at Tangled. The panel of people who took me on my

Hatsune Miku+Toyota team up for new US Promotion

At first I thought this was some fancy fan commercial. Then I saw the uploader was ToyotaUSA(Toyota’s Official US Division). It seems Toyota has brought over the spunky twintail virtual

Nintendo 3DS Falls Short

According to AkihabaraNews, Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata expected to sell at least 4 million units by the end of its fiscal year, but they only sold 3.61 million. This left

Move Aside DJ Hero N00Bz – The Pioneer DJM-T1 is Here to Take Your Soul!

Pioneer DJM-T1 is the next generation mixer with Traktor Scratch software already installed. Plug and play into PC or MAC with the use of a single USB.

Michael Vick Speaks Out Against a Dog Fighting Android App

Just removed from the Android Market and stiring up a lot of controversy is Kage Games’ mobile app Dog Wars. The Android based game plays much like Mafia Wars, only

Sony Announces Two New PlayStation Tablet Machines

AtĀ  recent conference, Sony announced that they will be putting out two tablet devices this coming Fall. Sony has today unveiled its two tablet devices that will be capable of

Sony Walkman Revived!!

It looks like Sony is bringing back the Walkman. This is not your normalĀ cassette-playing Walkman (and for those kids that don’t know cassettes are, ask your parents). In fact, it

Fujitsu Lifebook S761/C and Lifebook P771/C Shows Integrated Pico Projector

Have you ever wished that a company would build a PC or laptop with a projector? Well, it finally happened. A laptop has been created with a built-in projector. It

Android Enlists in the Army

Google’s Android platform has just been added to the U.S. Army’s vast arsenal. The device that it will be powering is called the Joint Battle Command Platform or JBC-P Handheld

Wii Successor Confirmed by Nintendo for 2012

Rumors were flying around about the Wii successor, codenamed Project Cafe, and now it’s finally confirmed. Nintendo has announced that the successor to the Wii will be coming 2012. Since

New Alienware Laptops M14x and M18x Announced

Many will agree that Alienware computers are among the flashiest and sleekest gaming PC devices (just ask the girl next to me at Starbucks who noticed my M11x and called

Create a Mini-You Figure with the Help from Sculpteo

Here’s a mini-me figure of myself, thanks to the guys at Sculpteo. They use 3D printing technology and 2 photos of myself to create a 3-inch figure of myself. Our

Review: IDAPTi4 Multiplug Charger

I don’t know how many of you out there have multiple hand-held items (PSP, Nintendo DS, EVO, iPod touch, etc.) in their possession. I know I do and I use

Man Builds His Own Real Life Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot

Growing up, Australian structural engineer Kris Tressider loved Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots….until one fateful day. While playing with his older brother, his brother’s blue robot knocked his red robot’s

Celebrating the Coolest Kinect Hacks

The Kinect is a very cool Xbox 360 peripheral, and the best part about it is that hackers are using it to create awesome hacks for it. They can do

V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones Review

When getting a V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones, it’s hard to deny the quality of the look and feel of the headphones. The physical look and feel should be good, since

Toshiba Says Its Glasses-Free TV Is Coming in Less Than a Year

It’s coming soon, the ability to watch 3D TVs without the need for 3D glasses. While attending CES, I have witnessed different companies showcasing their glasses-free 3D TVs. It’s still

Samsung to Make 3D Cheaper with 2 Free 3D Glasses Included and Cheaper Additional 3d Glasses

Samsung has announced their plans on making 3D cheaper for consumers. Starting April 24, 2011, the company will be offering 2 free 3D active shutter glasses for its entire 3D

Nerd Reactor Giveaway: iPhone 4 Beetle Cases Winner

Congratulations to Karla for being the winner of our iPhone 4 Beetle Cases Giveaway. Here’s a description of the prize: Colorful and slim cases add flare and protection to your

New Xbox Disc Format Revealed by Hacker

So Major Nelson has announced the new Xbox 360 System Update Preview Program that will be available for U.S. residents. If you’re picked, you’ll get Halo: Reach along with other