New blue galaxy is answering questions about our galaxy

The best types of discoveries are those that help us to answer questions about our own galaxy. How did we get here? Why did we get here? Why was everything

Scientists baffled by accelerated stars

Something has caused a pair of stars to hurtle along the outer rim of our galaxy. Currently, it is not known what set these stars in motion, but whatever it

Large Hadron Collider powers up once more

Today the Large Hadron Collider begins its 2016 physics run. That means after their usual winter break, physicists at the LHC will begin smashing particles together again for science! Scientists

Fan builds semi-working Captain America shield

Captain America: Civil War is now in theaters and doing extremely well. For some fans, though, merely watching Cap wield the iconic vibranium shield isn’t enough. That was the case

New jellyfish found in deep ocean

Sometimes to find cool stuff, you don’t have to look up into the universe. (Although let’s face it, space pretty much takes the trophy for the most amazing discoveries.) This

Exploring new worlds for life

Scientists are exploring three exoplanets with similar size to our own planet, in search of extraterrestrial life. These planets are 39-lightyears away, which may seem far, but are actually within

Two cool science breakthroughs

There is no doubt about the fact we are making so many new discoveries and creating some incredible stuff. As the years pass, our technology advances to insane levels. And

Newly-created engine that runs on a single atom

Meet Johannes Roßnagel. Roßnagel (pronounced “Rossnahgel”) and his team of experimental physicists have created something amazing… an engine that consists of a single atom. Up until now, scientists have only

8th grade science teacher inspires students with cartoon heroes

David Schmidt, an 8th grade science teacher at Portola Middle School in the LA school district, has always had a love of cartoons and drawing. Schmidt started sharing his fandom

Collision with Jupiter

At 00:18:45 UT March 17, 2016, reports had come from amateur astronomers claiming they just witnessed something crash into the planet Jupiter. The object, most likely an asteroid or a

Simple DIY science pranks for April Fools Day

Guess what cool holiday is coming up?! That’s right – April Fools Day. Every year it gets crazier and weird, and I never know what to expect anymore. It seems

JAXA loses contact with Hitomi telescope

This past year on February 17th, JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) launched its Hitomi X-ray observatory, an amazing telescope that can capture image emissions from black holes, hot gas in

Comets miss the Earth

(Image of another comet by NASA) This morning, while most of us were asleep, a comet that had been heading in the direction of our planet for some time, passed

A new type of way to learn about our universe

Science can sometimes be intimidating! You hear about someone who is working to be in the STEM field, or see scientists work on intense projects, or even have taken a

Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein!

As it has come to my attention, today is Einstein’s birthday and I feel it didn’t received as much hype as it should have! A lot of people focused on

Science related books you have to read

I’ve always encourage people to stock up on their science-related books. Although I do believe in a balance of all types of books of course (because books are awesome), we

Mission to Mars

“Establishing if life ever existed on Mars is one of the outstanding scientific questions of our time. To address this important goal, the European Space Agency (ESA) has established the

Marvel Studios launches STEM program for girls

Marvel Studios, known for their heroes on the big screen and in comic books, have decided to participate in encouraging more girls to be involved in sciences, technology, engineering, and

Could Mercury’s surface be covered in lead?

Remember when we used to use pencils that were made in the form of 100% lead? What if I told you that Mercury is covered in nothing but that? If

DIY hologram projector

While you might have some trouble getting your hands on a real hologram projector, there’s a way you can project your very own holograms right from your smart phone for