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Touching animated short, In a Heartbeat, about a boy coming out

A new animated short film, “In a Heartbeat,” has been trending online. And it’s an adorable love story between a boy and a boy. Before you watch the video, have some

Power Rangers to feature big screen’s first openly gay superhero

Most fans of Power Rangers probably didn’t expect to get much out of the new film besides reliving their childhood and enjoying some campy action. Reboots really aren’t expected to

Russia blocks Overwatch comic for ‘gay propaganda’

It was big news when it was revealed that Tracer, the British character in the Overwatch multiplayer game, is a homosexual. The comic, “Reflection,” was available this week and had a

For those who wanted a gay Captain America, here he is!

Captain America was trending on social media thanks to the recent release of Captain America: Civil War. One hashtag movement, #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, wanted Captain America to become a gay hero. For

Disney, Marvel vow to leave Georgia if discriminatory bill passed

What do you do when the people you’re arguing with about human rights don’t actually care about human rights? Threaten to take away something they do care about: money. That’s

Same-sex marriage now legal; Party on with Ian Mckellen and Derek Jacobi

What a time to be alive right now! Just this morning, the Supreme Court ruled a landmark verdict that will allow people of the same sex the right to marriage

Watch cosplaying drag queens duke it out as Storm and Dark Phoenix

Be still my beating heart; these drag queens are fierce as hell. It may be from four years ago, but this video of two drag queens, Stripperella and Danny Cowlt

J.K. Rowling responds to Neville Longbottom’s bulge

Remember Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films? He was that chubby-cheeked kid who was picked on and had many accidents. Well, now that kid has grown into a man, as

Steam greenlights controversial ‘Kill The F**got’ game

A very disturbing game was published on Steam’s Greenlight, a service created by Valve to help indie developers get there games published. The service is supposed to filter any of the submissions

Trans game dev dies by suicide after internet harassers encourage her to kill herself

Warning: This article discusses themes of suicide and transphobia and includes quotes from harassers. Rachel Bryk, a 23-year-old programmer, committed suicide on Thursday night April 23rd, following what she described as

X-Men’s Iceman will be ‘gay’ in the comics

Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, will be coming out of the closet. It’s revealed that he’s gay in the All-New X-Men #40, which comes out Wednesday, April 22nd. The comic panels were

Pence for your thoughts: A Libertarian-Republican’s open letter about Indiana’s new law

Photo by Gen Con By Nathan Lichtman I remember the first time I heard Mike Pence speak. It was at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) a few years ago. I

Marty McFly is homophobic in Back to the Future deleted scene

This particular deleted scene from Back to the Future has been online for a while, but it has been catching up steam recently, and it’s definitely an eye opener. The scene

Fans disgusted by Walking Dead’s gay kiss

The Walking Dead on AMC has featured lots of violence done to humans. We’ve seen humans getting eaten alive, children being killed, humans killing other humans for sport, and humans

This is how BioWare deals with transgender in Dragon Age: Inquisition

You may hate on BioWare all you want about the ending of Mass Effect 3, but the one thing you can appreciate about them is their support of the LGBT community. In Mass Effect

This Destiny parody portrays accurate player behaviors

Players who are playing Destiny right now are leveling up and trying to get that nice Legendary weapon and armor. There are many who are showing off their outfit, and now the Flashgitz team

The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon was to be ‘prison gay’

A lot of hoopla was made when it was revealed that Robert Kirman had talks about having Daryl Dixon be a gay character. He then said that it will be discussed in

Marvel and George Takei to be honored at Los Angeles’ LGBT event

George Takei, an LGBT activist, is known for playing Sulu in the original Star Trek series. He and Marvel Entertainment will be honored at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s 45th

Poll says gay superheroes can be role models

Homosexuality is still a touchy subject in our modern world. We still have stories about hate and death, with a recent story about a gay Colombian teen committing suicide due

Bryan Singer under investigation again for sexual abuse…this time with NYPD

Bryan Singer was accused and charged of sexual abuse with a minor. Recently, the charges were dropped. You’d think Singer would get a break, but another alleged sexual scandal has