First clip from Superman: Unbound – Superman meets Brainiac

It’s been a good week for the DC Universe. Injustice: Gods Among Us came out this week and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox was announced as the latest DC Universe Animated Original

The latest DC Animated movie is Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

If there’s one thing we can always count on when it comes to seeing our favorite DC heroes on the screen, it’s the DC Universe Original Animated Movies that Warner Bros. has

Top 5 Picks for Best Batman the Animated Series Episodes

Batman the Animated Series is, if not the best translation of the character to the medium of film/television, the best remembered. BTAS gave us a fully fleshed out Gotham City

BREAKING NEWS: Bruce Timm resigns as producer at DC Animation

Update: It turns out he isn’t leaving Warner Bros. after all. Voices from Krypton is reporting that longtime DC Animation producer Bruce Timm has resigned his position with the comic

Disney to release Lilo & Stitch, Atlantis, and Emperor’s New Groove on Blu-ray

Disney has recently announced three more Disney animated movies getting the Blu-ray treatment. Lilo & Stitch, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Emperor’s New Groove will be heading to Blu-ray on

Rooster Teeth releases the ‘Black’ trailer for Monty Oum’s RWBY

Rooster Teeth has just released the “Black” trailer for the upcoming RWBY animated series (pronounced ruby) by Monty Oum. The trailer premiered during the RWBY panel at PAX East in

Interview with Monty Oum, the man behind Dead Fantasy and the upcoming RWBY

Monty Oum has created some epic animated fight videos involving popular video game characters like Haloid and Dead Fantasy. He’s currently working with Rooster Teeth on Red vs. Blue. We

Watch the first three minutes of the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated pilot

Zenescope has just released the first three minutes of its Kickstarter-funded Grimm Fairy Tales Animated. If you’re a fan of the comics, then you should be happy to know that

Star Wars: The Clone Wars canceled, Star Wars: Detours’ fate is unknown

Bad news for Star Wars fan. Even though Disney had bought out Lucasfilm, there was little focus on everything else Star Wars, including Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars and other possible future

No Planet Hulk in Phase 3

Whaaaat?! Is pretty much what I said when I heard about this news. Apparently Marvel has absolutely no plans on bringing in the Planet Hulk saga within the 3rd Marvel

Cam Clarke (Leonardo and Liquid Snake) does voices and plays with toys

Cam Clarke is the voice behind one of my favorite video game villains, Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. He’s also voiced iconic characters like Leonardo from TMNT, Kaneda from

Watch as the Adventure Time sword ‘Scarlet’ is brought to life

Adventure Time fans are in for a treat. Man At Arms, also known as Tony Swatton, is an experienced blacksmith and has created weapons for Hollywood for years. Recently he was asked