Awkward Conversations

Awkward Conversations #85: Sexipode

What do you get when you compile the Awkward Gang with a sexual health expert, Allison, and a sexual podcast host, Melissa of Aural Stimulation? You get our answers on

Awkward Conversations #84: Phoenix Comicon 2014

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS We’re back! And more awkward then ever. Check us out live at Phoenix Comicon at our Talk Nerdy to Me Panel!

Phoenix Comicon gets Awkward June 7th!

Phoenix Comicon is upon us and is coming to the Phoenix Convention Center June 5-8th! There will be many things to do including Nerd Reactor’s Awkward Conversations “Talk Nerdy to Me”

Awkward Conversations #83: Episode Remake

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS In this all host show, we talk childhood remakes, anticipations and fear, and of course… we get awkward!

Awkward Conversations #82: Ain’t No Dummies Here

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Christine Barger joins the Awkward duo to discuss ventriloquism, puppetry, women in magic, and often Angry Baby’s inability to ask good questions. Christine is a working professional ventriloquist,

Awkward Conversations #81: May the Geek Be with You!

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Awkward Conversations celebrates May the Fourth with the hosts of Just Us Geeks and talks all things Star Wars…and awkward.

Awkward Conversations #80: Nope, This Is the Most Awkward Ep

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Videogame Bang! comes on Awkward Conversations with guest Dan Garfield of concussion. We talk video games and get awkward.

Awkward Conversations #79: ASTAR Is Born (Maybe Our Most Awkward/Offensive Ep)

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Angry Baby’s life partner (best dude friend) has been working hard on a project. It’s ASTAR the movie! A GPS unit gets jealous and hostile. Find out why

Awkward Conversations #78: Improv and Comics with a Large Dollop of Awkwardness

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Joey (The Self Indulgent Podcast and Bacon Improv) and Kittie and Cody (Kittie Cakes Designs) join us for a rousing discussion of comics and improv…and a pervy set

Awkward Conversations #77: Any Bites for Bitcoin?

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS The Awkward Gang gets schooled on what Bitcoin actually is. Can we just create money out of thin air? And will guest host Bernie Bregman start a Bitcoin

Awkward Conversations #76: Awkwardly Under the Table

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Host Anastasia Washington and fellow host Nathan Lichtman chat with the cast of Under the Table about drunken game happenings and their new show! Cast members Xander Jeanneret,

Awkward Conversations #75: Comikaze Loves You

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS In this all-star clip episode, hosts Nathan “Angry Baby” Lichtman and Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington interview peeps at the 2013’s Comikaze Expo! It includes, Loot Crate, Graphic

Let’s help Awkward Conversations win a Geekie Award!

Awkward Conversations is a hilarious podcast about… well… awkward conversations. The hosts, Anastasia Washington and Nathan Lichtman, talk everything from geek, sex, and everything in-between. With awesome geeky guests (like

Awkward Conversations #74: Crime Runs in the Family

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS This week we get awkward with Damon Alexander and JT Alexander from 10 Cent Pistol, also starring Joe Mantegna and Jena Malone. We talk Crime and about their

Awkward Conversation #73: Xander Jeanneret from TBS’ King of the Nerds

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS This week we talk to Xander Jeanneret from TBS’ King of the Nerds! We chat about Star Wars, King of the Nerds, the gaymer community and his new

Awkward Conversations #72: Annie – Not an Orphan!

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Animation expert and bromantic partner of Angry Baby, Noah Amrani, joins the Awkward Gang to discuss this year’s animation. He also provides a review of the Annie Awards

Awkward Conversations #71: Kyle Winters of Triptych Books

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Join hosts Anastasia and Nathan as they chat with Kyle Winters of Triptych Books about comics and bromances, with a little bit of gas chamber World War II

Awkward Conversations #70: Lexicomanic Designs

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS The Awkward Gang is joined by Sunshine Vixen, fashion designer and nerdette extraordinaire. Francesca (Sunshine) is the designer behind Lexicomanic Designs and the exclusive creator of all things

Awkward Conversations: Name and Win it!!!

By: Anastasia Washington Chatterbox Puppets is getting awkward with us! And we can’t wait for you to listen in! But nothing brings joy to the New Year like winning your

Awkward Conversations #69: Paul and Storm Are Awesome

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS We talk with Paul and Storm about there awesome new projects including a Guacamole truck and a Balls to the wall new album. They get awkward with the